Who's your favorite writer-saint?

Which writer-saint (not including Scripture writers) is your favorite?

(Or is that “saint-writer”?)

Blessed John Paul II
St. Francis de Sales
St. Terese de Lisieux

St Francis de Sales, who is also the patron saint of writers!

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (aka Mother Teresa)

I’m fairly limited on my Saint-writer reading though, I want to read more from St. Teresa of Avila and St. Therese de Lesieux.

God bless,

St. Gregory the Theologian

St. Faustina. She had a very limited education and yet wrote a Diary that is astonishingly simple in terms of ease of reading, but unbelievably profound in the description of its main focus–God’s Divine Mercy.


The Little Flower. I love her “Story of a Soul”.

Saint Thomas Aquinas!

Made the summa theologica… granted he didn’t finish but i can let that slide since reading it the first time required many rereads to get the whole thing in my thick skull.


I’ll take St. Francis De Sales like others here. :thumbsup:

Genius writer and a holy man.

What more could you want?:stuck_out_tongue:

St. Alphonses Ligouri
St. Francis DeSales
St. John of the Cross

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