Why a Muslim would leave Islam

I am thinking of writing a book about Islam and how I went to it and why I left it. It will be brutally honesty about all my experiences.
Is it something you would read? I am asking as I am not sure if I want to put myself in this position unless I know it will do some good.
I dont like to debate Islam as I feel it is clear cut and wrong. I just want people to see what I saw and people I have come into contact with.
What do you think?

It sounds interesting, but I would want to know how long you were Muslim, and how many of your family are/were Muslim.

I would be interested in reading such a book. I read Daveed Gartenstein-Ross’s My Year in Radical Islam with great interest. I should add, in all honesty, that I always read such books with great skepticism. People who have left a religion are almost never fair to it, and of course you can only speak for your experiences and perspectives, not those of others. I think that if you are aware of this as you write the book will be much stronger than it would otherwise be. But that being said, it’s a book worth writing.


my suggestion is to write it under a pseudonym, given the customary punishment for apostasy in islam.

There are a lot of worthwhile stories to be told. Only a few become widely read. The odds of your book becoming a hit are low. Here are some suggestions to think about to give you a better chance in the form of questions.

Will your story be new information, or will it be retelling what is already known?

Are you a writer? Do you have talent in this field? Have you written anything before that was successful?

If not you might consider finding some help.

Do you have a plan for getting published? Do you have interest from any publishers before you begin the task of writing, or are you hoping to shop your book after it is written?

If the latter is true, your odds go way down. Many publishers want a story before it is written and pay advances.

Besides writing an expose’ and raising awareness is there a greater goal you hope to accomplish? Do you simply want to tell the story to ‘get it off your chest’ and feel better about something?

That is a legitimate motive, but will not advance the cause of bringing a book or certain knowledge to public awareness.

If the goal is to create awareness it might be better to write something and put it on the net and try to drive traffic to it. THere are other ways to bring things to light than by writing books.

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