Why a Protestant seminarian is becoming Catholic.

I’m assuming that this is the right place to post this. I came to MTSO (Methodist Theological School in Ohio) as a Methodist seminarian, but throughout my time here I began to realize that this is not the place in life God was calling me. I know that I was called here to MTSO, but something did not seem right. One night I decided to contact the local Catholic Church about their RCIA program. I had no idea why, but after a short vacation I was in the church office signing up for it. After meeting with Fr. David Schalk later that week we decided that RCIA was not the way to bring me into the church, but with individual confirmation that will bring me in on Sunday November 1st (All Saints Day.) But why am I doing this? I am doing this because it became more obvious to me that the protestant churches are headed in the wrong direction. I feel like I should go to confession after just sitting in my ethics class because it is just off the wall. And we have the reputation of a more conservative seminary. I needed a church that would stand up for what is right, and not for the feel good culture of the day. I needed a church that would stand up for life, instead of turning a deaf ear towards the issue. That is why I’m becoming Catholic. (I have also changed my degree program to the MACE Masters of Arts in Christian Education which means I might be able to graduate this May!!:D)

Great story!!!

Welcome Home!! (almost anyway :D)

I don’t know if you have yet heard of him, but check out Scott Hahn. He was a Presbyterian minister who also has converted to the Church, and is now an author and professor at Franciscian University at Stubenville in Ohio.

Welcome Home, by the way! Your conversion, especially in regards to other protestant denominations becoming very lax as far as values and morals (not to mention usage of gender neutral and even “feminine” terms to describe God in the Trinity… see Mother, Child, and Womb) is very similar to mine… at first, the start of my journey to Catholicism was more of a getting away from bad theology and bad morals (along with the movie Dogma, The Divinci Code, and Jack Chick tracts)… Hey, whatever God can use, right? I found everything I was looking for here, and I haven’t looked back.

Hey, I’m very happy for you! :thumbsup:

… But, and I don’t want to sound like a doubter, but do you believe all that the Church teaches? And how long have you been thinking about this? The reason I ask is because I’m a convert, and I try to help other converts (mostly teenaged converts) come into the Church, but unless they have a firm sense that the Church has the authority she claims, they usually end up falling away.

You are in my prayers! I hope you will be with fully in union with us soon!

I used to be Methodist also. Thanks for sharing your story!!! I’m interested in the specifics of what turned you toward Catholicism, if you’re willing to share. Welcome!!!

Good luck with your journey. Certainly many fine Christians have taken the same journey ranging from former Anglican Priest John Henry Cardinal Newman to former Presbyterian pastor Scott Hahn. Both Newman and Hahn are highly intelligent theologians who thought out their reasons for conversion. May you find peace and blessings!

Are you going to use your MA in CE within a profession in the RCC?

PS I am sure you are aware of The Journey Home program on EWTN. It is hosted by Marcus Grodi (former seminary educated pastor). He features programs dealing with conversions of Protestants (and others) to Catholicism. Some of them become priests. In any case, many of them were former non RCC clergy and he has a special outreach to them. If you have not heard of him you may wish to contact the program through EWTN. There are others who will understand the many things you may be going through personally and with family and friends.

To respond to the earlier post, yes I do agree with what the church teaches. I had been thinking about it for a couple of years, but did nothing with those thoughts until just recently when I’ve really taken into account the protestant morals. I had been saying for a while that one day I believed that I would become Catholic, but that one day just came a lot sooner than I could have thought. Luckily I’m able to get to 2 or 3 masses a week, and the priest that is over seeing my confirmation has given me some ideas of some great books I can read. But yes I do agree with what the church teaches, but now I need to go and get ready for my class this morning. :frowning: (I would prefer to be able to sleep in!)

Should have gone to St. Pauls…:smiley:
No serious, congrats and best wishes.

Reputation among whom? I’m fairly well acquainted with Methodist seminaries, and I would consider Methesco (I spell it as I’ve heard it pronounced!) a fairly liberal one (though not as liberal as Drew or Iliff).

You want a conservative mainline seminary, try Duke. Or, for that matter, Princeton.


As a Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod seminary student, I’m quite glad to hear that you are converting to Catholicism. Of course we’d rather have you in the LCMS, but at least with the Catholic church you will understand the true presence of our Lord in the Sacrament. It’s a travesty that so many ‘Protestant’ denominations threw out the baby with the bathwater. Our dispute was about justification and the papacy. Throwing out infant baptism, real presence, etc. was completely unnecessary in my opinion.

Wise decision.

Welcome to the One True Church; The Catholic Church; the Church Jesus founded.

Best of Life to you!

I’ve been told by many of our profs, that this is more conservative than the schools like Candler, Drew, Iliff, Clement. We tend to be more liberal as a seminary, but compared to these Methodist seminaries we are known as very conservative. I think that this is fairly scary. That is why I’m becoming Catholic, and in all actuality I haven’t been happier.

Praise God and welcome home. If I can be of any help please do not hesitate to ask.

God Bless. :harp:

PAX DOMINI :signofcross:

Shalom Aleichem

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