Why adhere to the Magisterium?


Specifically, what makes the Roman Catholic church’s teaching superior to other christian denominations? From my understanding of things the church has stated supriority in teaching due to instructions directly from the apostles. This is where my confusion begins. We know for a fact that Paul was in Rome and there is tradition that states that Peter was crucified upside down in Rome as well. However, Christianity at the time was consentrated in Turkey. There are no writings that I know about from the apostles indicating the supremacy of the bishop of Rome over all the churches. Since that time the church has changed in maner dramatically (it seems) from the house/synagogue churches from the begining of the church. Apart from the New Testiment writings how do we know the Magisterium of the Church is in accordance with the Apostles teachings?



Scripture has much to say about St. Peter as the leader. The early Church Fathers have much to say about the primacy of the Church of Rome.

Read on: catholic.com/library/church_papacy.asp

and Apostolic Succession in the original Catholic Encyclopedia.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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