Why all powerful Jesus doesn't help starving people?


Something or other about free will. Who knows.

Be assured that at every moment Jesus is helping them – and each one of us – in the very best way possible for our soul and for the common good. He moves benefactors to be charitable towards the poor and the poor the recognize their absolute dependence on Him, their God, their Father and their Provider. Thus, benefactors grow in merit by showing charity towards the poor and the poor grow in merit by acknowledging God as their supreme Lord and Provider. God bless you.

I doubt that anyone who goes to bed hungry, or sees their children deprived of food, would be greatly comforted by the idea that by their suffering they were contributing to the “merit” of the first world. This sort of smug answer goes hand in hand with the blithe “God will provide”…

But what, as Pope J P 1 asked, happens when He doesn’t provide…?

They should be greatly comforted by the idea that their is a God who will reward them a million, trillion, zillion times over in the next life if they only persevere in bearing with their hunger and other trials patiently, faithfully and lovingly for the love of Him.

I’m afraid those answers won’t make a difference to little children who are starving. I understand that they may be that way in order to get an adult to help them and so get merit in heaven, but isn’t that the hard way to do it? Isn’t there some other way? What of the starving adults who can’t help them?

I agree… I think that was a glib and facile reply which shows no real comprehension of the misery and fear of many people’s lives…

God in his loving Providence does what is best for each one of us and at every single moment. His ways and thoughts are so far above our ways and thoughts! Let us remember that earth is only our place of trial and suffering; in heaven will be our reward and true happiness.

Sorry that you do not like the truth.


That is mere rudeness, not an argument…

When man fell from grace he brought all these horrors upon his descendants. In most areas where people are truly starving, it is their governments that keep them in their awful conditions. The West pours money into 3rd world countries, but it does very little good because there’s so much corruption. Mankind always wants to blame God when we fail one another, but it is our own fault, not God’s. If anyone wants to rail about this issue they should take it up with the governments that not only allow such suffering but use it to the ruling party’s advantage or who hoard all the resources for themselves. This is the reality we live with. One day those who could have done something to aid those in need, especially in their own countries, and did nothing, will have to answer to God for it.

I disagree with you and you are being deceived into thinking I have been rude with you. Please recall that earth is merely our place of probation, where our life begins … but our life does not end here. The more we suffer here patiently, faithfully, lovingly, and courageously, the greater will be our reward in heaven, the place that really matters, the place that is eternal. Do you think that God is so unjust that he will not reward the poor a million, billion, trillion, zillion times over for their trials born patiently.? God only permits the evil of hunger to bring about a greater good – or he would not permit the evil of hunger in the first place. I have already described to you part of what is this “greater good” I speak of. God bless you.

What are we doing as His hands? :confused: :shrug:

I don’t blame God, I blame those who you blame, but for spiritual knowledge I ask, humans are greedy and those who suffer aren’t their own children but God is supposed to be the all powerful, all loving creator who should help his children if he truly cares, where is he from all of what is happening as an all powerful all loving being?

A Protestant once addressed this very question.

“Because suffering brings people closer to God” was his perspective.

A better question might be why do other people let others starve?

“As the Father has sent me, so I send you”. -Jesus

He is right there with them. He gave us our hands to aid each other. Man is responsible for helping his fellow man–that’s our duty. God will not interfere if we don’t do our part, so it’s up to us to do it, as we are able. As I wrote, those who are there are most responsible. And those who make it worse are even more to blame. Man wanted to be wise in his own eyes and told God in Eden, in effect, we don’t need you. So, God is telling us, okay, then you are on your own. But he does intervene much more than we know in ways we don’t often see. Still, he won’t step in where man is supposed to because we can solve this problem, if we are willing. The real question is–are we willing? Are those closest to the problem willing?

If God intervenes in such cases what else should he prevent? White lies? Meanness? Gossip? Petty selfishness? Why aren’t we up in arms when God doesn’t stop us from committing these sins and only get worked up when we see gross sins, such as deliberately letting children starve? God will not make us do what we ought to do. That’s our job, not his. He will give us the grace and strength to do what is right if we ask him, but he will not violate anyone’s free will.

He does!!!

What makes you assume he’s not?

That’s why God gave us each other. And we fail in this and other areas of our lives.
So why do we fail?


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