Why all the effort to elevate Mary's status?


Realizing that Mary bashing is a favorite non-Catholic pasttime, I do not want to included in that group. However, with all due respect, I need to know what difference it makes whether or not Mary was born without original sin, was taken to Heaven, was a perpetual virgin? Why all the effort to elevate her status? How did we go from “Mary full of grace…all generations shall call me blessed” to that? Is there something that I can read, some early writings or something that explains how the Church came to these beliefs? Any help will be appreciated.


Dear Sherilo,

“Hail full of grace….all generations will call me blessed” IS her being born without original sin, being assumed into heaven and remaining a perpetual virgin! Being full of grace means being full of grace. It means that there is no trace of sin in her—absolutely none! We don’t elevate her status. God did that when He created her to be His mother. Do we realize what that means!

For God to choose one of His creatures for such a sublime mission, it was most appropriate that he choose as pure and special a vessel. She isn’t special because of herself. She is special because of …who…God…is! Certainly, we wouldn’t say that God didn’t deserve so special a mother! All these special attributes we associate with Mary are really about God.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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