Why all the negativity towards Brats toys

I’ve heard some negativity towards the Brats dolls pretty often on this site, so I was wondering why this is the case. I mean the only thing wrong I see with them is that they look somewhat anorexic.

Well, for starters, the whole concept of being a brat = being a good thing.


They’re overtly sexual. They look like little strippers. And people were hard on Barbie for her image–Bratz are much worse IMO.


They encourage little girls to want to be like them. Thats not a good role model for them.

my daughter loves the bratz dolls. she has a couple, but I tried to help her pick out ones that aren’t dressed too badly. one is a tennis player and the other came with two tops and some pants and a dress or something like that (she has it wear the pants and one of the tops and pretends the other clothes are pjs).

I only consider the teenaged bratz dolls, not the kidz and absolutely not the babyz. it’s bad enough the bratz look so sexy but to have the kidz and babyz looking that sexy is almost sickening. :hypno:

I find them totally inappropriate for children and a sad reflection of what is acceptable in mainstream society today. To me they look like hookers.


They are slutty-looking for sure and there is no way around it. Do we really want to encourage our kids to emaulate this kind of image?

I call them gang hoochies. I went to school with gang members and their girlfriends, and the female gang members too. (Ain’t SoCal wonderful? I heard my first description of what it was like to do cocaine in the 7th grade!)

The way they do the makeup and hair on those dolls looks EXACTLY like the gang members’ girlfriends. And they’re not treated like “girlfriends” either. The guys all pass the girls around like they are toys. They call them “mayonnaise jars.” (That is direct from my anti-gang task force police officer father, and I will let you work out what it means. It’s disgusting.)

There is no way I am letting THAT ethic into my household!

It is very sad when a major toy company actually markets dolls called Brats. Yes, they look like hookers. Right now, all media are engaged in normalizing adultery, fornication and prostitution. “Hey, what’s the big deal?” The big deal is that we don’t want kids relating in any way to hookers/gang members/bad girls.

God bless,

Most of them look like prostitutes. Not something I would want an impressionable child to play with or emulate.

Years ago I took one look at those boxes & steared my kids way away. I was already concerned about the unrealistic body types of the Barbie’s, these dolls styles are way too old & over-sexualized. If you promote this look, little girls will definitely want to wear it. It’s easy to find the clothes for the 4-6x set, too.

duskyjewel’s post is pretty shocking. I was completely unaware of that. I have noticed that some of the little play sets that come with the dolls, mall & club scenes, have cocktail glasses & seem to glamorize drinking & the club scene. Just not what little girls should be exposed to, IMO.

Ugh, I call them “chola” Barbies (anyone with any familiarity with Hispanic culture knows what I mean!)

What do I have against them? Let’s see…

  1. They’re ugly.

  2. They’re overly sexy for the age group they’re targeting (i.e.–anyone under the age of 13–or 18, for that matter!)

  3. They’re ugly.

  4. They’re project unrealistic and unhealthy body and beauty images.

  5. They’re ugly.

  6. Too much emphasis on fashion and accessories (“bling-bling”)

  7. They’re ugly.

  8. Negative name (come on, we wouldn’t want our kids to play with real-life “brats”, why let them play with toy “Bratz”?)

And, um, oh yeah!

  1. They’re ugly.

I wouldn’t let any of thoes toys in my house!

Look anorexic? They are girls in heavy makeup and some of the outfits they wear are not very kid-like. Actually, they look like they are from a red-light district.

To me, letting my daughter play with Bratz dolls is about as good of an idea as letting my son play with Gangsta Possie action figures. OK, there is no such thing as a Gangsta Possie action figure, but there is a Godfather action figure. Both would be a bad idea.

I could just imagine what they’d look like. There would obviously have to be one with holding firearm turnside ways. But yeah I know they toys they come out with now a days. :mad:

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