Why are 20% of Nobel Prize winners Jewish?


Why are 20% of Nobel Prize winners Jewish, despite Jews are only 0.2% of world population?

This is taken from Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jews .

Love it or hate it: Jews are still the Chosen People of God.

With a strong cultural emphasis on academic excellence.

Because the Jewish culture places a significant emphasis on education.


Well, isn’t that interesting!

They were bright enough to get out of Egypt and hear the word of God in the Desert - I guess they’ve got good genes:D

Never heard that before.

Look at the preserved writings regarding wisdom. It was, and is highly valued among the Jewish people. Have you looked at the numerical overrepresentation of Jews in the medical field, or any other academic field?

Well, for a long time academia was one of the few spheres where Jews were accepted and appreciated. This led to the Jewish culture placing a high emphasis on education, which continues to this day.

They tend to make up a higher percentage of the population in developed countries and have a cultural focus on academia.

Because Jews are smart, live in industrialized, educated nations, are generally well-educated and well-connected, and tend to work in academic fields?

I’m pretty sure this is heterodox. The Church is the New Israel, and the Old Covenant has been abrogated and superseded. This has been the constant teaching of the Church since the late first century, when, after the Temple fell, the remaining Jews did not accept the Messiah had come and went to work building a new religion, Rabbinic Judaism.

The only groups that I know of that think Jews are still the chosen people are dispensationalist, end-times fanatical Protestants, and Orthodox Jews. Not even Reformed Jews believe Jews are the chosen people!

Your post is offensive.

seems like a legitimate question to me :shrug:

No, it’s not legitimate at all. It’s offensive.

How is it offensive? It is factual. I’ll point out an anti-Semitic canard when I see one, which has been a total of twice on this forum.

How is this OP offensive…?

care to elaborate?

This isn’t offensive. Perhaps some are just overly sensitive.

Yeah! How dare those dirty Jews so excell and provide an example that all cultures should follow, and to have people ask how they do it? Absurd!

I’m being sarcastic of course. Our culture should certainly emulate Jews in this. To a large extent it has.

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