Why Are All Other Gods False?

What wrong with the idea that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva and Allah are all different faces to one unknowable divine source? This is one of the things thats making me hesitant becoming a christian. Why are all other human beings doomed to eternal hellfire simply because they have a different person and name who represents God? Why should all the Muslims be doomed simply because they call God the Father Allah rather than God the father? and the Hindus for calling Jesus Krishna?etc. Please answer this is really worrying me.

This isn’t what the Catholic Church teaches. While the Church holds to the assertion of the truth of its teachings (which implies that the fullness of the truth is not to be found elsewhere), it does not teach that “all Muslims are doomed”, or “all non-Catholics are doomed to eternal hellfire”…!

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Well, to start off with, they all teach things that are different in varying ways, don’t they? Islam teaches that God is not a Trinity; Buddha teaches that this world is an illusion and that there is not a personal God; Hinduism teaches that there is a pantheon of gods tied to natural phenomena; Jesus teaches the Trinity.

Now, if all are just “different faces to one unknowable divine source”, then what you’re saying is that this divine source, by its very nature, teaches errors. Why should that be the case?

What the Catholic Church teaches is that, for those who know the truth of Jesus and his Gospel and his Church, there is the need to stay within the Church. For those who are not within the Church, they may find some truth within their tradition, but it’s not a separate or independent truth: it’s a reflection of God and God’s truth, not a distinct and valid alternative path to the fullness of God’s truth.

If all Muslims are doomed, it has nothing whatsoever with calling God “Allah.” A considerable number of Arabic-speaking Christians call God “Allah” as well, since “Allah” is related to the Hebrew “El” and simply means “God.”

Demons have created false religions. I would think Hinduism would be especially dangerous to souls…

Regardless - intention is everything.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but Buddha isn’t considered a god.

All other gods are false. God was telling us this from the days of the Old Testament. Those other “gods” simply do not exist. This doesn’t mean that non-Christians are necessarily doomed. The Lord is merciful and those that don’t know Him through no fault of their own are not necessarily doomed. Salvation is still possible, but again, salvation only through Christ. If you reject Christ, there is no salvation.

**“Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6) ** Douay-Rheims

Good answer.:slight_smile:

What you have there is an infinite regress, Samson. This is really a philosophical question you have here, and it can lead to religion if you’re very meticulous and logical about it from here.

You’re going to have to settle on some “level” sooner or later. Look up the meaning of infinite regress. Google is your friend.

To extend on what AG wrote:

There is one God. The three parts of the Trinity of our One God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is the Christian belief.

Buddha is not considered a god by those who practice the Buddhist religion. They do not believe in a god.

The Hindus do not call Jesus by the name “Krishna”. They do not simply have a new name for Jesus of Nazareth. They most likely would be very insulted that you called their deity Krishna by the name Jesus. Jesus and Krishna are not the same “person”.

Muslims or Christians or anyone will not go to hell based on the name they call God.

As AG writes, Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. All salvation is through Jesus. There can be people in Heaven who never even heard the name of Jesus, but are in Heaven. It is only through the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ that anyone can obtain Heaven.

God will judge us based on our life. There can be a loving man who never knew Jesus and who followed the teachings of his Hindu faith. At the end of his life, God sees him as a good and holy man. God receives him into the Kingdom of Heaven. It was through Jesus that it is possible for this man to go to Heaven.

Heaven will be filled with people of many faiths and people who never knew any faith. God will judge each of us with Pure Mercy and Justice. (By faith, I do not mean different Christian beliefs - but non-Christian faiths.)

The question would be if you believe in the Holy Trinity. Look at the Muslim faith - do you believe their faith is correct, not their name for God - Allah, but their faith? Do you believe in the Hindu faith? Do you reject the gods of the Hindu religion?

The Catholic Church never teaches that those of other faiths are destined to Hell.

You have a warm heart for your love of those who do not know God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That is in teaching with the Catholic Church. You are just misinformed about those other faiths and what they believe. Its not so simple as using a different name for the same God we know. Those faiths are not Christianity with new names for God the Father and God the Son.

I think you need more research into the Church’s teaching on salvation and the grey areas there – if you do a forum search you’ll find similar questions and good information.

The answer is very simple. WITHOUT JESUS CHRIST there is no salvation.

Because God gives us absolute truth and not relativism.

Yes, but the Sacred Tradition, inspired by God, teaches that there is something called invincible ignorance, as well as other premises for those who do not know Christ and yet follow the divine law which is engraved in everyone’s hearts, mystically speaking, of course. Salvation is always through Christ, but is truly universal.

What wrong with the idea that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva and Allah are all different faces to one unknowable divine source?

For that to be true the “divine source” would have to be a blithering idiot. You will note that the beliefs and practices of these groups are radically different. So, the idea that the “divine source” can’t keep his story straight and teaches completely different things to different people would make me think that this “source” is not too reliable.

If the “god” is not reliable, what good is he?

This brings up the one issue that makes it plain that all the “spirits” of the New Age are false. They can’t keep their stories straight. Every single one of these “divine guides” pushed by various seers and mediums has a different cosmology and doctrine.

I’d ask them but they don’t seem to exist.

This question comes across as an almost longing for something else than the Real God.

And demons would be happy to fill that void for us if we don’t watch out.

These days people still worship … oh … things like … money … sex … drugs …

but the God is really themselves. Their sacrifices come right back to them in the best

(worst?) possible ways.

Of course to GET money, sex, or drugs … one must still involve others … sometimes

in a superior position. So the drug dealer becomes a God. Or the gang leader. The

boss. The "significant other’ who must be pleased to get one what they wanted out of the


In this Catholic place, ONE God in three persons is the teaching about the truth. And

Godhood IS not shared with a pantheon of specialist gods, although the REAL God

delegates HIS power to angels and people (as with Jesus commissioning the Church),

to distribute his gifts and teach of His covenant.

Boiling it all down to the two summary commandments as Jesus did it’s “Love God” (the

real and only one) completely, and our neighbors as ourselves (not only do no harm to

them but actually LOVE them with honor).

The God taught by the Catholic Church is Almighty, Everywhere, Beyond Time - eternal in

both directions, AND also personal … not just a “force” or mindless bumbling scientific

accident that nonetheless creates complexities, systems, and observable creation with

immutable laws.

In Jesus we learn that we TOO (through His power not ours) are eternal beings with a

chance to live out that eternity with God (as He intended, in a Kingdom of love and

unselfishness - a fulfillment of our ultimate purpose). Living out an eternity elsewhere

is daunting even without imagining the horrors of hell … or observing the worst of Earth

magnified by an eternal “this never gets better it only gets worse.”

Back to US. Jesus Christ is the way, and the truth and the life. His way is not easy. It

requires sacrifice. YET, when we begin to follow Him, we are given graces that make

HIS burden light and His yoke sweet. We receive HIS spirit and find it easy to love our

neighbors – even some of the damaged ones - and NOT covet their goods or steal from

them, etc.

And in the end our invented False Gods (the seven deadly sins) lose their power over us.

God has given us old age and the knowledge that

“I’m not what I once was …” to combat PRIDE.
“My money won’t buy me health, or the pleasures of my youth!” to combat AVARICE.
“What good does it do me to waste my time wanting what others have when I couldn’t
enjoy it anyway,” to combat ENVY.
“My wrath is just making my blood pressure dangerously high” to combat ANGER
“I can’t really taste my food so much any more. And NOW there seems so much OF it!”
to combat GLUTTONY.
“Now that I’m confined to this bed … I wish I could get up an DO things again!” to combat Sloth.

And finally, if, in old age, one were given the choice:

“Would you rather be in bed with your spouse at their MOST attractive, most hot blooded
time in their life … OR would you rather just be in bed with the day off and no alarm clock.”

… you find yourself cured of LUST. :wink:

Humor aside. God is with us always, and drawing us to Himself ever more deeply. He will not violate our free will choices for the most part – and while He speaks to us and inspires us, He allows fallen angels to tempt us from His laws of love and to eternal failure of purpose.

I answered this headline without reading any other takes on it. I may return to the thread
to see what others have written. This is just what occurred to me when I saw the question.

You missed the thread entirely, but you did answer the question title of the thread!!! You made me smile with that final paragraph of answering the headline - not the thread - just the headline.

One of the things that really helped my conversion to Catholocism is its tolerance. Unlike many Protestant churches, the Catholic Church teaches that non Christians stand a chance at hHeaven, if they honestly do not know all the true teachings of the Church. Being non-Christian isn’t an instant damn to Hell (unless you convert out of it, knowing full well what you’re doing).

As for why all the other gods are false, it’s because they’re all blatantly contradictory. I’m sorry, but the philosophy of all religions worshipping the same God and simply calling Him different things makes zero sense. Catholocism teaches things directly contradictory to Islam, and neither of them agree with Hinduism, etc.

If someone lives and dies never hearing the Gospel then I trust God’s judgment. Having heard the Good News I am bound to live by it and put my faith in Jesus.

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