Why are Americans universally despised today?

Why are Americans universally despised today?

I don’t think they are.

[quote=Fitz]I don’t think they are.

Me neither. I think the victim mentality of "everybody hates us, boo hoo :crying: " is misguided and somewhat dangerous b/c of the assumptions it makes about billions of non-Americans.

I wish we were despied.

Millions of people a year would not be coming here illegally.

I don’t think that Americans as individuals are hated. There is a “distaste” for the regime that is in power at the present though.


I would say that there is a universal disdain and dislike for Americans (not all Americans, just American conservatism) all over the world–among the “intelligensia.” I believe that this exists for two reasons: one is that American conservatism believes in regualr people and their ability to take care of themselves; thus American conservatism undermines the work of the intelligensia to render people dependent upon them, thus maintaining their power.

Another reason for dislike of the US is that as long as the US is blamed for problems of other nations, those nations will not have to address the internal problems. For example: as long as Mexico can keep the focus on the US as the source of all Mexico’s problems (be it the results of the 1846-48 Mexican-American war or US farm subsidies), then Mexico will not have to address the corruption within its own government, the failure of its own policies. This is repeated throughout the world.

But if you look at regular people throughout the world, you find a great longing to come here. I don’t think they want to come entirely for economic reasons, either. I think that they see that here is a better place for them to realize their potential, and a better place for their children to live. They look at the corruption of their governments and societies and think, I’d rather be in the USA.

You make many good points, St. Francis, so I’ll just second your post.

Because while we say we favor and promote democracy, we act like all we care about is free-market economies.

Which is fine if you have money to invest.


“If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first…”

My point is that we always look out for others…we sacrafice monetarily and we sacrafice our lives to help others…we always stand for justice, uprightness, liberty, and freedom of all people…and that irritates the people who want to oppress everyone and have everyone live in fear.

Probably people who dislike or resent America have quite a variety of reasons. I’ll list some possible ones below.

  1. JEALOUSY- This is a materially rich nation. People oftentimes will villify that which they envy.

  2. CULTURAL IMPERIALISM-- The world has been inundated with some of the more banal aspects of our culture, such as McDonalds, Walt Disney, Brittiney Spears and company. These things are negatives and don’t represent the best of what we have to offer.

  3. AMERICAN GREED-- In order to support our lifestyle and economic system we have garnered perhaps an unfair share of the Earth’s resources. We also rely on cheap labor from abroad in order to keep ourselves supplied with the multitude of inexpensive material goodies to which we’ve all become accustomed.

    Unfortunately, some of our compatriots have embarrassed us while traveling abroad, giving us all a reputation as being loudmouths with too much money and not enough class.

    Therefore, ours has become utterly dominant. It makes us look uncouth to other people.

6)COWBOY STYLE FOREIGN POLICY— Sometimes it makes me want to cringe, such as when we’re bombing the heck out of some country and call it “Shock and Awe” and everyone cheers.

The sewer rats who run Hollywood and the MSM propagate a sewer rat view of America world wide.

That is the reason for the misconceptions.

[quote=Steph700]Me neither. I think the victim mentality of "everybody hates us, boo hoo :crying: " is misguided and somewhat dangerous b/c of the assumptions it makes about billions of non-Americans.

My daughter had been living in Madrid for 5 months and has had nothing but good treatment by locals. My relatives live in Luxembourg and we talk to them all the time. I think much of it is blown out of proportion to make political points. It does everyone a disservice.

There are millions of Americans, and I have met very few of them, so how can I despise people I haven’t even met? I am sure that the vast majority of Americans are decent, hard working people, who want what everyone wants: a decent home, food on the table, the best for their kids.

[quote=chuffle]I don’t think that Americans as individuals are hated. There is a “distaste” for the regime that is in power at the present though.


I resent your use of words although you have the right to say it. You would not have that right in many other countries.

[quote=David_Paul]I wish we were despied.

Millions of people a year would not be coming here illegally.

Yeah, what a conflict the MSM has with this. They just perpetuate that we are hated to make political points. We are not hated.

[quote=romano]Why are Americans universally despised today?

Your use of the word “universally” gives away your opinion. Your premis is wrong.

Another false premise–

What is sad is that many people confuse individuality with collective responsibility.

As individuals Americans are no different to any other human being in the world, there are good, bad and indiferent, like all nations of the world today they are an eclectic hotchpotch of differing ethnic backgrounds and historical nationalities. Just the same as nearly everyone else.

As a collective nation however the picture is different. All nationalities (Americans included) compare what they see with how they percieve themselves and, as all nations percieve their own heritage or history to be the best (after all it is theirs!) then “the other” must be inferior. Even within nations themselves when particular racial or ethnic groups are put one against another this form of superiority will raise its head. Just look at the reactions of Hispanics to Asian to Jews to blacks etc. etc.

It is unfortunate that in America’s case the rush towards consumerism, the release of unfettered capitalism, the almost maniacal emphasis on moniterism is a total anathema to many older nations around the world. When American business operates in these countries with a degree of disregard for their way of life, one which many American business men denigrate as “old fashioned” then resentment will automatically follow. Add to this the appearence of superiority, often in a gloating or overbearing fashion by the military and you have a recipe for resentment.

GB Shaw once described America as “a nation that has passed from barbarism to decadance without the benefits of civilisation” A little harsh maybe but that is often the perception of other nations. Somebody passed the comment that they wished America was unpopular then people wouldn’t want to come. Again you mistake the attitude of the individual from the attitude of the collective.

Is this situation recoverable? probably but, I would suggest that America has to learn that not all it does is good and that other nations, older nations, sometimes have already learned and passed on from many of the things you have yet to learn. Unfortunately America sometimes acts like a juvenile, never listening to what your elders tell you, have you ever met an eighteen year old that didn’t know far more than his parents? By the time he reaches twenty five he’s astonished at how much they’ve learnt in seven years!!!

But don’t worry about it, like all of us you will get there one day, it just takes time, remember, the one thing nobody can buy is age and experience.

p.s. I didn’t vote, the choices were stupid.

[quote=Fitz]I resent your use of words although you have the right to say it. You would not have that right in many other countries.

Whoa! Seema a rather strong reaction for a fairly innocuous statement. Am I missing something here?

I don’t despise Americans but I tend to have a problem with almost all their politicians I’ve heard about. Then again, I tend to have a problem with practically all politicians I’ve heard about, anyway. Let’s just say that every nation has its strong and its weak points and every nation has the good and the bad guys. While I hate the stuff that happens in Abu Ghraib, the arrogant lawyering of Gonzales around Gitmo, the bombs falling indiscriminately and the way everything is apparently a part of God’s plan according to some people, I can go on for hours about the positive stuff. Some of my best friends have been American… can’t say I despise them. Most people here are American and I can’t say I despise any. My last girlfriend was American and I can’t say I despise her… quite the exact opposite.

On the cultural level, I guess they have the same problem as everyone. Everything seems to be reeking of sex nowadays. Even highschool girls shaking their butts as cheerleaders don’t surprise anyone anymore, let alone all the slut-looking youngsters trying to make it into adult night clubs.

I was utterly shocked when I heard how teachers required girls in schools to play kissing scenes in stage plays or how coaches required girls to wear underwear contrasting with the skirts so that it’s easily seen when the skirts fly (which is also an intended part of the programme). At the same time, the whole urge to keep looking clean and the puritanical reflexes. It’s either or. You can’t both have butt-shaking girls and decent women. Can’t be oh-so-puritanical compared to the lousy Europeans and have the biggest porn industry ever, as well as all the sex already in schools.

Then again, everyone has problems. It’s just the US is in the spotlight. Although sometimes I really am worried about all the good people over there having to put up with all the bad things I read in the news.

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