Why are Catholics hated so much? (Poll)


i know (and/or suspect) why I am so hated... but just wondering what your thoughts/sentiments are on the subject.

Choose as many as apply and please elaborate.


my elaboration is this:

i have never been so hated in all my life as when i became a fanatical (so called) and outspoken orthodox Roman Catholic.

i have lost numerous family members and friends...

but i guess it wasn't much of a loss... if they could ditch a person over something like that... :rolleyes:


Those who hate us fear the light and fear the truth…Remeber those who do things in darkness fear the light. Many today are living in darkness and have turned their backs on God refusing to come to the light-refusing to give up sinful lifestyles.


Hey Distracted, did they tell you why they have this attitude towards you?


Remember the great quotes from the great Fulton J. Sheen

There are not a hundred people in America who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions of people who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church — which is, of course, quite a different thing.


I think more non catholic believers in Christ disagree with teachings they see as not biblical rather then "hate" fellow believers in the CC..


Catholics are hated because people think we hate gays. The Catechism says we are to respect them but that acting on homosexuality tendencies is wrong.


[quote="distracted, post:2, topic:181698"]

i have lost numerous family members and friends...

but i guess it wasn't much of a loss... if they could ditch a person over something like that... :rolleyes:


Hey distracted... Me too.

I gained a family but lost some friends.

People won't hear me out because of their anti-Catholic bias, brought to them from: Bart Brewer, James White, the KKK, Seventh Day Adventism, pedophile priests, gay and lesbian clergy, and Catholics in name only like Nancy Pelosi and Teddy Kennedy.


"They have persecuted me and they will persecute you". One could conclude that if one is not under some form of persecution somewhere, then something is wrong? Those who persecuted Jesus were the religious leadership of His day.



None of the above... it's the devil. And people being brainwashed as little kids to hate Catholics.:(


As a Catholic resident of the Bible belt South, I believe that most contempt for the Church comes from misunderstanding and childhood indoctrination. Most of my Protestant friends misunderstand the Church's teaching on salvation and believe we teach salvation based on works. In my experience, this causes the most problems, along with the apparent lack of Biblical evidence for Church teachings. From within the Church, misunderstanding is also a large part of the problem with "Cafeteria Catholics." I found it impossible to accept a lot of Church teachings until they were adequately explained. In short, I don't think the Church is hated, just misunderstood.


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As a Catholic resident of the Bible belt South, I believe that most contempt for the Church comes from misunderstanding and childhood indoctrination.


This really helps me understand. My former MIL must have been like this. Even when I was a pentecostal (my choice at the time) she hated me because I was raised Catholic. Brainwashed my X against me. (I had no idea at the time I would reconvert back to the Catholic Church)

My dearest best friend was also raised in the same pentecostal denomination, so I think you are right on the mark: "Childhood indoctrination." :(


Because when a Catholic challenges a non-Catholic, our true faith comes through speaking words of forgiveness, suffering, charity in forms other than financial, and giving more credit to God for the positive aspects in life and less credit to Satan for the negative aspects.


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Hey Distracted, did they tell you why they have this attitude towards you?


didn't have to. as soon as i became perfect :D they all started hating me..

i am kidding, of course.. i am FAR from perfect...but i have given up a lot of sins that used to tempt me... etc... and i know that this is the reason (my love of the Church) that i have lost relationships...

i mean when you have relationships and then you do something & after you do that something, you lose not only one or two but ALL (seemingly) of them... uh... not hard to figure out...

i guess thye (some) figure that since i was a screw-up when young, i have no right to NOT be a screw-up now... :shrug:

and/or other things... depending on the person...



So true…

and people don’t WANT to learn the real teachings…

so sad… they have no idea what they are missing!!! :frowning:


that explains a few things in my life…

yes, people don’t like Jesus much, evne some who claim to follow Him…

they particularly don’t like whne He instructs them to give up everything and follow Him…

that doesn’t mean give up every last material thing you have (although that would make it easier to do, for sure!! :D) but it does mean not loving things… not holding on to them so tenaciously… not holding on to them whne someone else could use them… The Bible says elsewhere that if you have 2 cloaks, lend to the one who has none…

again, how many people do this??

i asked this old guy one time, a guy who had massive health problems and wasn’t long for this world, if i could borrow his car because mine was broken down & i had to get to the parts store… he wouldn’t do it… I have no tickets or accidents in 100 years…

weird… i’m thinking, Gee, Dude, you can’t exactly take that car with you…he couldn’t even use it himself because of his health problems!!! hmmm… i hear this tune playing in my head… the theme music to the Twilight Zone… ( :rolleyes:


[quote="cjcapta, post:7, topic:181698"]
Catholics are hated because people think we hate gays. The Catechism says we are to respect them but that acting on homosexuality tendencies is wrong.


its not just the gay thing. Catholics are against evrything that is "fun"... fornication... adultery (i don't happen to agree that that is fun but some people htink so)... and a whole lot of other things..

but you know...we are a little better than some of those other denoms... Southern Baptists.. i mean... we do believe in drinking alcohol... :D


This is an interesting question. I’m still mulling over the answers and trying to pick the best one.

I understand that it’s difficult to provide a comprehensive answer within the character limits of the poll options, but since I don’t have those limitations for this post, I’ll be a bit beyond what is permitted for a poll option.

Catholics and non-Catholics disagree on a variety of things. When you talk about these things, it leads to conflict. And according to a saying that I’ve found to be pretty reliable, “There’s no conflict without relationship and there’s no relationship without conflict.” Conflict of almost any variety can be dealt with in a healthy way that leads to greater trust in spite of (and in a way, even because of) differences and disagreements. Conflict can also be dealt with in an unhealthy way that leads to a relationship that, in the long term, is painful and just bad. When it goes that way, it’s pretty common for people to just push each other away and discontinue the relationship. (Problem solved: No more relationship, no more conflict). Both people often wind up in a place where they’d rather have nothing than something bad. From another perspective, though, you might say they’ve given up on dealing with the conflict in a healthy way so that it leads to a good relationship. Yes, there will still be conflict along with the relationship- that absolutely goes with the territory in any relationship, and the level of conflict generally correlates positively with the closeness of the relationship. But it’s manageable conflict that can be beneficial instead of harmful.

I don’t know if this could be condensed to a viable poll option, but I might summarize it this way: This kind of hate happens because one or both parties don’t resolve their conflict in an appropriate way. Resolving conflict doesn’t usually mean you both believe the same things at the end of it. The conflict has resolved in the sense that the animosity has come to an end, but the differences are still there- and you can love each other in spite of them. In some ways, it can lead to an even closer relationship than what you can have with someone who believes all the same things you do. That’s because it takes a greater amount of trust and vulnerability in order to achieve this result through conflict resolution. And when you put more work into making a relationship work, it also tends to be more rewarding.

Granted, it’s a whole lot easier to develop good relationships with people in the absence of great amounts of conflict. However, if you’re going to develop a really close relationship with anyone, you have to come to terms with each others’ differences and work through a few conflicts on some level. (The easiest place to find testimony to that effect is from the marriages of pretty much any person you’ll ever talk to). If you have a total absence of conflict with another person, it probably means your relationship isn’t very close. When there’s a lot of differences and a lot of potential for conflict, that certainly makes it a lot more difficult. But if you place a comparably high value on your relationship with that person and they’re nice enough to return the favor, I’d say it’s worth it to do what it takes to make it work.

All of that probably applies best to non-Catholics who (sometimes) hate Catholics (though sometimes they come across that way but deny that they actually do). As far as non-religious folks who hate Catholics, I’d guess it’s mostly because transubstantiation makes you a really easy target for someone who regards the world from a naturalistic perspective. In their eyes, you’re…well, delusional is the word I see the most. Muslims who hate Christians are probably a lot more likely to hate Catholics than non-Catholics, for obvious reasons…(Starts with a C, ends in S, 8 letters)…Same goes for Jews, with a special animosity reserved for Spanish Catholicism. In the course of examining the entire spread of people who might hate Catholics, there’s a half-dozen different reasons just based on who it is you’re talking about. But my initial answer deals with what I would guess is most often applicable to the kinds of people you’ve experienced in your own life.


Jesus said his church would be hated.....and Catholicism is the only hated religion I know of, or at least the most hated. Guess it really is the church Jesus started.


Says I can’t vote :frowning:

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