Why are Catholics so against radical feminism?

I joined a Catholic women’s book group, and all of the members of the group have negative opinions on feminism. They were making some comments that made me quite uncomfortable (I consider myself to be a feminist… although I am obviously pro-life) such as “feminism is wrong.” Recently one of them posted a picture on facebook that said “God has assigned as a duty every man the dignity of every woman.” I read that quotation in a TOB booklet before, and I am quite positive that the Pope ends the saying with “and to every woman, the dignity of every man.”

I don’t see anything wrong with a woman who is tough, competitive and strong.

I read on a Catholic website that “authority in marriage is not a 50/50 split.”

This kind of stuff makes me sick to my stomach.

I want so much to feel welcome in the Catholic Church but I cannot stomach the anti-feminism that so many Catholics seem to believe.

The following links should help you better understand the Church’s position on feminism. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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