Why are Catholics so disrespectful towards Francis -- and how to react?

Why – especially on the Internet – are so many Catholics (in an official capacity, through articles, blog posts, etc.) bitter towards our current Pope? Why do these seem to dislike his approach? I just skimmed over an article that suggest Francis is initiating a “dictatorship of Mercy.” HOW SAD is that! It really startles me that people are criticizing the pope for highlighting MERCY of all things: I mean, are they going to criticize Jesus next?

How can one handle such things without getting completely upset? I find it scandalous, to be honest. It seems like it is much easier to find Catholics who oppose Francis than support him.

I think a lot of people view him as catering to liberals. He was the one chosen by the College of Cardinals, and he is the vicar of Christ, so until he does something actually heretical (which he hasn’t) we owe him our loyalty. Like him or not, Pope Francis is our spiritual father.

Because they are “cafeteria Catholics” whose highest allegiance is to their own subjective concepts. It’s just another form of relativism. It’s nothing to get too upset about. They are bitter for the exact same reasons that Jesus’ contemporaries were bitter about Him. It’s just a clear indication that the Holy Spirit is very much alive and active in the Church, casting down the mighty in their arrogance.

Yes. It goes both ways. Cafeteria Catholics can be “conservatives” as well as “liberals.”

One of the reasons why I want to become Catholic is because of the papacy. The moral objectivity of the Catholic faith is also something I find very convincing. Unfortunately, the more I research, the more these two things are seemingly pit against each other by Catholics. I still want to become Catholic, but I find this very worrying and very confusing. I just hope all of this confusion is addressed and the proper respect due to the Pope is restored.

I personally wonder if the current Pope is actually more controversial or better at stirring up the hive, or if it isn’t because with each new Pope, social media becomes more prevalent, and so exposure to people’s opinions is seen more today than 5, 10, or 15 years ago.

Pope Benedict XVI, though more calculated in his speech and somewhat less of a charismatic than the current Holy Father, had his own unique way of stirring up the hive, being the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. His predecessor, St JP II, went through a Papacy that was a roller coaster of challenges (and joys).

Every Pope is going to have his own flavor to him. The current Holy Father is sometimes (wrongly) seen as being ‘liberal’ (as if such concepts exist in the Church: there is truth, there are different modes of expressing that truth, and then there is heterodoxy).

I wouldn’t let these opinions stress you out in the way that it does. Pray for humility in the Church: in you, in me, in everybody. We’re going to prevail through these internal conflicts.

Also, although it can be helpful to stay informed, it isn’t necessarily good to spend too much time browsing through different people’s opinions & tirades. Maybe consider finding something more positive and that doesn’t discourage you.

Pope Francis admittedly is not a theologian. He preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I

believe he is persecuted, not believed, etc much as Christ was. I returned to the church in

Jan 2013…I may not have stayed if were not for him. He becoming pope in March 2013.

viva papa francesco!

I think the problem started when Pope Benedict stepped downed. Many people loved him and didn’t understand his reasoning for abdicating his office. I know Catholics who believe Pope Benedict is still Pole (well he is Pope Emeritus). I truly loved Pope Francis because he spoke my language, I loved it when he met with Cuba’s Castro and I didn’t need a translator. He has had his speeches misquoted and he has said some things incorrectly or unclear which has drawn some criticism. The most recent development is that four Cardinals have officially submitted a letter asking Pope Francis to clarify some statements in his Amoris Laetitia. The issue is whether or not divorced and remarried Catholics can receive Communion. That has always been forbidden. The wording in Amoris Laetitia is not clear on whether they still can’t or now can. The clarification sought by the Cardinals is to help priests and laity who are confused by the unclear wording.

I still miss Benedict XVI also as he was Pope when I converted to the Catholic Church.
I was disappointed and confused when he resigned.

Catholics, and other Christians, are not too fond of Pope Francis because of numerous things. He doesn’t show good judgment with being so open to media or by allowing his words to be taken, so easily, out of context. He doesn’t see any problem with allowing one specific Italian journalist, according to how that particular journalist feels or recalls, paraphrase his words. He offers a pop-culture Catholicism without too much substance (for me, everything I hear him say, or read that he wrote, apart from more serious documents, sounds like the usual, ordinary bad homilies that I hear from various parish priests). He spends so much time talking about climate change, an issue that doesn’t really concern Faith or morals (the world doesn’t care about climate change in relation to these) which many scientists and conservative thinkers consider to be nothing but a rouse to keep people, especially within third-world countries, from bettering themselves through creating companies and capitalistic endeavours. He constantly applauds the refugees that are destroying Europe in the name of Islam right now as we speak (hasn’t he heard of rape-gangs, sharia law enforcements, and the double standard created by “Islamophobia”?). He defends Islam as a peaceful religion when it is a mafia religion of terrorism (read the Quran and Hadiths and tell me what you think) (but, to be clear, many muslims don’t even know their own religion because they haven’t actually read these books, and receive only sanitized versions of their religion from imams, or just ignore and re-interpret; but some are deceptive, according to the manner the Quran tells them to be towards non-muslims, and some imams are outright hate-filled). Francis has also equated Jesus’ Great Commission with Muhammad’s violent conquests. He also presents a warped view of Christian charity shared with many bishops (“whatever you do to the least my brothers, you did to me” - this does not mean muslims or any other non-Christian groups, since “least,” qatan in Hebrew, is a covenantal term opposite of “great,” gadol in Hebrew; “brothers” is also obviously a covenantal term. Covenant = family liturgical kinship bond. The only non-Christian people this can be applied to is the Jewish people, since Christ was, and for certain of them, may still be, in covenant with them). Finally, he may, in fact, be a marxist, or dangerously close.

The list goes on and on. While I know that he can speak infallibly in certain specific cases, I think that, when not doing so, he should stick to the Faith and not worldly topics, should defend Europe, and should speak the truth not what is socially covenient and in fashion.

For me, he is like a Sacrament of Peter himself. But he must be faithful too to fully show this. And if he’s not doing a very good job, we need to call him out.

Careful, other members here will say that you’re being disrespectful of the Pope by disagreeing with him or calling him out, even if you were being respectful. That’s how it works here.

Looky here, folks! We’ve got a regular Marty Luther on our hands!

What on earth is a “Sacrament of Peter”?

You’re such a bully.

Yes, that is exactly the reason they wrote the Pope as is there duty. It ( Amoris L.) is being understood differently depending on your particular Bishop…, which is why they are asking for clarifications cation as without it is very dangerous to misinterpret.

You are offering a lot of sweeping negative generalizations about people with whom you disagree. How do you know the state of the minds of each and every one of those who seem to be in your eyes disrespectful of the Pope?

The cardinals are asking for clarification because there is confusion about the Pope’s words. suppose you had a teacher or professor who asked a question on an important exam which was confusing? Your grade depends on answering correctly, but the question is very unclear. Would you say that the students who wanted clarity and asked for an explanation were being disrespectful of the teacher?

At sake is something much more important than a grade, it is the salvation of souls. Different bishops have a different understanding of what the Pope wrote. This issue touches directly on some of the core aspects of the Church. Yet you dismiss those who exhibit a concern for souls with insults.

If you disagree with them, state your reasons. Simply insulting people is not really helpful to your cause.

The truth of the Gospel is calling you. Just do not expect all that many Catholics to help you by their fine example! Keep looking up to perfection instead of left and right toward sinners.


This! :slight_smile:

We cannot make the world perfect, we can only do the right thing within our own conscience, (and when I say “own conscience” I mean what the Holy Spirit places upon us), and pray that we can make, as merely a servant, even a small positive impact on others around us.

Pope Francis doesn’t help himself sometimes. A good example is his refusal to clarify the meaning of Amortis Laetitia. Other reasons have already been stated, including repeatedly expressing very left wing views that do not reflect reality, including an overly tolerant attitude to Islam and the effects it is having on Europe and also on climate change, trying to turn bad science into a doctrine. A general hostility towards conservatism and tradition, and trying to label such people as “rigid”, “legalistic” and worse. Basically, some people don’t like Francis because he seems to look for confrontation with elements in the church he disagrees with.

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