Why Are Catholics So Indifferent toward Latter Day Saints (or Mormons)?

I learned years ago that whether it is commentary on the forums here or the tracts through catholic.com – there have always been and always will be people who do not like my church. The continued recycling of false beliefs relative to what I believe does not bother me at all.

The question I have is recognizing that Catholics and Mormons do have differences – when will there be respect for my church? Protestants despite Catholics issues with them generally have a better relations than my church.

I ask for a sound answer. None of the typical recycled issues from those who just have hatred for my church.

To the best of my knowledge, the LDS church does not use the Trinitarian formula for baptism. They also have some very different views on the Holy Trinity. For this reason the Catholic Church does not consider the LDS a Christian Church. So as for indifference, I personally see the Mormons the same way I do any other non Christian group, I respect it for the truths within it but ultimately I reject the belief system as insufficient.

I have never met a Mormon (or if I have they certainly didn’t have any distinguishing features :p) but from what I have heard people raised in the Mormon culture tend to be very nice (in general anyway)

God bless


I believe alot of it has to do with deception and distortion.

Here is one of your previous posts. (bolding mine)

Mormon’s have a different view of the Trinity than most, if not all mainstream religions. (distortion)

Not being up front with possible converts, as in non mormons can’t attend their temple weddings, and the like. (deception)

Lying for the Lord (deception) as shown by your previous post.

The list can go on and on, but I will leave it at these.

I am sure other posters will be more than happy to illustrate additional examples.

By the way, why did you make that post stating that you were a “former mormon”?

I have several Mormon friends, all of them are really good guys, haha, (beside the fact that they played “strip go fish”). But I get really annoyed with one of my Protestant “friends”, so saying we have better relations, thats not entirely true. I think that, if what your saying is true, its because Mormons splintered off the church a lot more recently than the Protestants did.

Sorry, this question can be asked both ways. In posting over on a Mormon forum, I can also interpret what they say about my Church as hatred or the continued recycling of false beliefs. There are many Mormons that do not like my Church. The fact of the matter is that generally, our churches have a cordial relationship, and work together on many moral/social fronts. Individuals will have many divergent views on each church.

Also, I do not see any difference between the relationship of the Catholic Church with Protestant churches, and that between the Catholic and LDS churches. We respect the individuals and the general morals of each church, as well as the similarities, however what we focus on here are the real differences, which of course we believe are important and are dividing (obviously). With the LDS church, that usually begins with the nature of God, which is very divergent.

The Mormon Church has an actual history that involves very many things considered distasteful, unorthodox, and fanciful. Even though the Church has changed most of these things, the reputation, as with everyone, continues.

I could go through a list of reasons that I personally could not be Mormon, but the hatred you experience is usually just do to past concerns of the Church that started a bad reputation.

So I received my start, if you will, from Catholicism, yet I have advocated for social justice efforts of the church support of the poor, NONETHELESS I attend Mass monthly in light of issues from the days of Peter to the current pontiff, Vatican 2, other councils, etc etc. (the priest abuse mess)

Here is the shocker ---- I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The shocker is we have another “why me”.

Nothing personal against the members of your church but I have a big problem with any church that is founded by a man who falsely claims to be a prophet and puts many souls in jeopardy.

They are not even Christians. Mainline protestants don’t even recognize them along with the Jehovah Witnesses.

It is not a matter of hatred, it is a matter of historical record.

Joseph Smith was an immoral man who fabricated a religion to further his personal fortune.

It is a fraud.

Mormonism is a distortion of Christianity founded by a lying pedophile.

Harsh words, but 100% true.

Uh oh, you’re going to start the whole “who is a Christian” argument :wink:

This is the same belief I have, is that Mormons believe the trinity is three “Gods” rather then saying the Trinity is the Father (God), Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit all as one. If this is true, then you see why some may have problems with your religion, since believing in three God’s breaks the first commandment.
Also, the Catholic Church (at Mass) never discusses other religions, and doesnt tell us why we should leave the church and become other religions. No one has stood up at my church and said this is what Mormons believe, and this is why they are not Christians. I think this may cause confusion as well, because when people make up henious things about your religion, more people distort it and pass it around.
Protestants and Catholics get along as friends fine, but many of the times (I live in the South) many of the Protestants around here, learn these deceptions about our church as well, which are not true as well.

I have met someone who is Mormon before, and she was a very nice person, and I am sure you are too :slight_smile:

God Bless!

Indeed it seems this awfully pedantic argument begins again. It’s always a bore because while Christians go around claiming who is and is not Christian, non-Christians have a relatively easy time discerning who Christians are. (Hint: They worship Jesus)

It’s not any of your business.

How would you like it if a person started eating babies then claimed to be a Buddhist?

That’s rather extreme, but you get the idea. :slight_smile:

Has whyme been banned and is this his new handle? Or this another poster who claims to have a history with both churches but viscerally defends LDS even when it isn’t being attacked?

Exactly. It’s not like the LDS are promoting cannibalism and calling it Christianity. They worship Jesus just like you do, striving to make it into the celestial kingdom.

From a non-Christian standpoint, LDS and Christianity are so similar that it’s just semantics. I would understand your objections if LDS worshipped another prophet and called it Christianity. But they worship the same prophet that you worship.

[quote=]It’s not any of your business.

This is a forum. Forums are generally meant for expressions of opinions and dispersion of information. No less, this is being posted on the Non-Cath forum, an area that I can frequent because I am not Catholic.

This is why I very rarely post on the Catholic-specific forums. I feel like I’m kind of intruding on a group discussion between Catholics and the such. Here, however, all faiths are allowed to give their two cents.

Also, I really don’t have a problem if you wanted to offer your opinion on certain schools or sects of Buddhism. This being a forum, it is encouraged for opinions to be offered.

For tips, I’d start with Soka Gakkai International or the New Kadampa Tradition for controversial Buddhist-based schools. :thumbsup:

As always, namaste.

Uh this sounds very misinformed. The differences are not just semantics, even LDS themselves acknowledge this.

I’m wondering if your impression that Catholics are indifferent towards the LDS Church is simply a general feeling on your part or the result of concrete experiences you’ve had. My own impression is that Catholics are not indifferent to Mormons, but definitely have theological disagreements that make genuine dialogue in this area very difficult. Apart from theology, however, I think the Catholic Church has a great deal of respect for the social and family values that have come to represent the Mormon community and perhaps this is where communication between the two churches can be most fruitful. I believe we are already seeing points of common interest becoming more apparent in politics, so I think there is room for exploration here. You do raise an interesting question however, and I do wonder what communication exists between the Catholic Bishop of Salt Lake City and the leaders of your faith community.

Perhaps it is. But really, when I see the two churches and both have a cross and sing about Jesus, then I pretty much go with the idea that it is Christian.

If I see a church with people prostrating and Arabic calligraphy on the walls, I’d bet it’s a Muslim Mosque.

If I saw a Rabbi and star of David and I hear Hebrew, I kind of assume that it’s Judaism.

Ah okay…

(Not that it matters, but Mormon churches and temples do not have crosses.)

First of all, AJ, you should realize that Mormons don’t wear crosses or have them on their temples, so I’m not sure where you get the idea that the Churches are similar. Besides this, however, even if you should have a general impression, you should realize that there is a great deal of room for error in impressions. I have seen many Buddhists here in Japan wearing crosses and even rosaries. My general impression might be that they are priests or nuns. Of course, this would be a false impression, based in ignorance, and calling for greater understanding. Assumptions, especially in the realm of religion and faith, can lead to disaster.

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