Why are Catholics so steeped in rules/dogma?

I don’t mean to offend anyone but I don’t understand why RC church rules and doctrine seem to trump the teachings of Christ himself. I understand the RC faithful believe the two to be in perfect harmony but an honest and open minded view of NT scripture clearly reveals otherwise. I’d prefer not to get into a scriptural debate as both sides can undoubtedly present chapter and verse that supports our version of the truth. What I don’t understand, when it comes to acting out the Christian faith in our daily walk, why do “hardcore” Catholics (no offense intended) seem so willing to ignore the very essence of Christ’s teaching against excessive doctrine and legalism? Are church doctrine and tradition more important than what Christ Himself states in the NT? What about His two greatest commandments, do you give church catechism equal credence as you do those? As a practicing catholic (small “c” as I believe Christ intended), through prayer and discernment provided by the Holy Spirit, I can easily place these things into proper perspective. It is baffling to me why more Catholic-Christians don’t share this Christ-centric vision. I see so many struggle with guilt and vain attempts to “deed” their way into salvation that they completely miss the point of His sacrifice and His promise of abundant life. As disciples of Christ we are supposed to be united in Him but instead we seem more interested in quibbling over “small-minded rules.”

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