Why are Fundamentalist Christians (Non-Catholic Christians aka Protestants) afraid of the NWO?

Why are Fundamentalist Christians (Non-Catholic Christians aka Protestants) afraid of an establishment of the New World Order?

Black helicopters and blue helmets. :eek:

:smiley: Just kidding.

As a Lutheran, I’m not. As an American, I can only see an NWO as stripping me of basic liberties - life, liberty, property - under some form of socialist oppression.

BTW, I’m sure you know that not all non-Catholics, aka Protestants, are fundamentalists.


Because it’s the ANTICHRIST!!!

I’ve found general Catholics outside of the Right Wing of the cafeteria are better about this. They seemed to be more interested in being death ready and studing ways to convert the world than in being ready for the end times.

Death ready as opposed to rapture ready if you will.

NWO is a bogeyman born of conspiracy theses and end-times paranoia.

I used to be terribly afraid of this, especially when I was younger. I’d lay around at night and picture the world as some sort of cross between Terminator and Jack Chick lala land. That was the only thing I’d been exposed to on the so called ‘End Times’. The ‘church’ (little c) would rapture and a few would be ‘left behind’. Those good people left behind would fight the ‘NWO’…

There is a lot of money to be had in playing on the fears and ignorance of those who buy into such conspiracies and paranoia.

God bless

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