Why are Mormons so happy?


Serious question. I mean if Catholics possess the truth and Mormons don’t why are they so happy


I’ve met grumpy Mormons and very joyous Catholics…


Happy in what?


How do you know Mormons are so happy most of the time? How many Mormons do you know personally?


My Mormon cousin came to visit. The way she described her family and all of Utah seems pretty wholesome and happy if you ask me. Maybe she’s trying to make it sound better than it is or make her family sound nice. Idk


Happiest Mormon I ever knew turned out to be severely depressed and suicidal. You can’t make assumptions based on outward appearances.


I don’t generally trust excessively happy people. :slight_smile:


Mormons believe that God (not Jesus) was a man before he became God. Further to that, they believe, if they are good enough on earth, they will also become gods. So they are happily becoming gods, but it is an illusion.


I used to wonder why all the Protestants were happy while all I do is suffer the Cross (and many Catholics). Ofcourse I’m generalizing but I would love to be a joyful Catholic in all my sufferings. About 30 minutes ago I had a panic attack because we have to move in 7 weeks and I’m having a hard time because EVERY neighbor I’ve ever had was a nightmare and there are no detached homes for rent. The Catholic in me knows (because I’m so accustomed) that this going to be ANOTHER bout of suffering. I wouldn’t doubt if a Protestant or Mormon or a Catholic had better faith than I do in that situation. I expect the worst because that’s been my experience. Anxiety is terrible.


Every Catholic I know is full of joy and happiness.

Sadly, every Mormon I’ve met seems to be speaking from a well memorized script. That isn’t happiness just good memorization.


Where do you live where every catholic is full of joy? Because where I live every catholic besides the priests seem to be nominally catholic


hHi lily, I’m not full of joy and happiness but almost every single day I ask the Lord to please help me, at least, have joy in suffering. At this point I don’t bother asking him to take away suffering but to at least make me appreciate it for His sake. I’m still waiting but I have anxieties and who knows what other complicated mental condition mixed with baggage are contributing. This is coming from someone who would go to daily Mass for a year ( i stopped since i lost my car) The word joy as it relates to my faith is almost incomprehensible even after MUCH continued prayer.


Nor do I. People who are always smiling, laughing and saying ‘Amen!’ and ‘Praise Jesus!’ always make me suspicious, like they are trying way too hard to convince others, or more likely themselves, of their faith. I’ve an idea true, unshakeable joy is an inner quality, not always easily discernible to the naked eye. This over-the-top, demonstrative, ‘look how happy I am’ sort of behavior is like a politician’s idea of how to appeal to an electorate. Whenever I see a debate between two career politicians, one of them is always grinning like a fatuous idiot, as if to say, ‘I must be genuine because I’m always smiling!’ Usually the opposite is the case.

Edit: And the one Mormon I know is a bitter, angry, hateful woman who is drunk with materialistic concerns, dotes on her lapdog as if it were human, and seems to have an unnaturally intimate relationship with her grown son. Not exactly the poster child for LDS, I should imagine.


“When people tell me they are happy, my a** begins to twitch.”

– Kevin Kline, French Kiss


It must be her culture. I’m my culture, people only smile when we have reason to, unlike Americans who act like if you’re not smiling every hour of every day, there must be something wrong with you. In fact, when I see someone excessively happy, I get the feeling they are hiding something or trying to cheat me.


It is good that your Mormon cousin and her family are happy and wholesome.

A recent survey among Mormons showed 21% have been, or are currently, taking medication/treatment for depression. Among whom, 27% are women and 14.5% are men. Alcohol addition/binge drinking are also serious problems in Mormon community; although Utah (mostly populated by Mormons) is by and large a dry state. This is a tragic situation that needs serious attention and action. I hope and pray that they will be dealt with and solved correctly.




You can’t really tell how happy a person is based on outward appearance, as many people are good at putting on a show. However, I think that those who live the typical Morman lifestyle are probably more likely to be healthier, free from addiction, and have strong, supportive bonds with family, friends and a sense of community, which are all indicators of happiness. However, Mormans are just a susceptible to clinical depression as the general population.


Sounds like you met my ex-aunt. Except for the son part.


I’m American born and bred, and for me it’s the people who ARE smiling every hour of the day who appear to have something wrong with them.


Mormons (at least, mainstream ones) tend to have strong, intact families and cohesive communities. Nothing to do with their theology which is, imho, wacky.

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