Why are most Protestant pastors rich?


last month my dad sold his car he only keeps cars for like 2-3 weeks (he doesn’t lose a lot of money on them) anyway getting back to the topic to my shock the man who bought the car was a pastor at the time I didn’t know what he was but last Sunday I went to Protestant Church with my sister I was staying with her it was Sunday and I had nothing better to do and that’s when I saw him I pointed him out and said “look he’s the one who bought dads car” then she told me he was their pastor :face_with_hand_over_mouth::anguished: not only that but once I noticed I started noticing more he had a Rolex on his wrist and then he told everyone that he was redecorating the church this is exactly what he said “were redecorating the church if you can chuck in £50 or £100 or whatever you can afford” then the basket came around like my preist father Daniel at my church drives a cheap car he doesn’t have nice things I noticed that he only ever wears 2 pairs of shoes in the last 5 years a pair of sandals and a pair of trainers my mom ended up getting him a new pair Catholic preist don’t have much their true men of god you can’t serve two masters you aren’t sopos to be of the world and god forgive me for judging the pastor but I just couldn’t help it the church my sister belongs to they call themselves born again Christians


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Plenty are not. A school friend of mind is some type of “reformed protestant” minister, and he is in the navy to pay the bills.


They’re not. You’re jumping to conclusions.
You don’t know this pastor is rich. You just think he is.
Even if he is, that says nothing about other pastors.


God loves the humble. He loves the poor in spirit.

The true riches are hidden in the soul not worn on the body.

Ostentation is a sign of ego, individualism and rebellion imo.


So a Protestant pastor buys a used car, wears an imitation Rolex (I have four of them that cost $18 each), tells the congregation one Sunday morning that they will redecorate the foyer of the church building if they can raise the extra funds and he is judged to be serving mammon instead of God. Not only that, but that naturally means all Protestant pastors are rich! On top of that, his church is one of those filled with those “born again” people! Wow, who is it that has a problem here??


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The Protestant pastor at my parents’ church that I visit after Mass on Sunday is not rich. He’s not poor either, which is a good thing considering he’s got a family to take care of.



It’s a big leap from one man your family knows being wealthy to “most” Protestant pastors being “rich”.

Most Protestant pastors are in fact not rich. The majority of Protestant congregations are very small and pay very little. Many pastors have outside jobs.

Some Protestant pastors are indeed “rich”— especially a very few who pastor megachurch congregations, have television ministries, author books, speak on tour, etc.

There are many who are in between, just normal middle class people.

You are engaging in rash judgment against this pastor. You don’t know that his money came from the church he pastors— it could have been money he inherited, the watch could have been a gift or family heirloom or bought at an auction. He bought a second hand car— so what! He might need a good, reliable vehicle to drive to see parishioners.

I would would encourage you to stop extrapolating from one small sample you know about to an entire population of people. Your experience is rather limited.

I know Catholic priests who like nice things too. Some who live very modestly, and others who tend towards fine things. Some who have money from family, or nice cars because they like nice cars.

Don’t be so hasty in your judgments.


Where did you get the idea that “most” Protestant pastors are “rich”?

I’ve met enough of those fellows and ladies in my day to know that this just isn’t the case. My neighbor here is an AoG minister and works fulltime 9 to 5 as well as his pastoring duties. His wife has a daycare business in their home, they are making it with their family, but are hardly “rich”.

A couple husband and wife were minister of another church , and worked in my office for many many years. Again, they weren’t making enough ministering to get by.

Sure, there are some famous ministers who have flocks that number in the 10’s of thousands and sell books by the million, and those men earn a really big living. But that’s only a tiny percentage.


I have a friend who is a Catholic priest who pastors in a very elaborate and richly decorated church building, has a nice car and a beautiful motorcycle. He also in my opinion, is a very genuine born again man.


The car was 2018 C class convertible Mercedes :neutral_face::expressionless:


Most born again Christian pastors that I’ve met have a lot of money they they are the same culture as me and they didn’t even do any training they just decide to become a pastor and build and open there own churches the ones I’ve met are very wealthy indeed and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being wealthy I just didn’t think that men of god care about worldly things


Plot twist: it was for a church raffle!

I don’t doubt your story at all, I just doubt he represents the majority.


You’ve massively extrapolated one pastor, whose circumstances you know nothing of, to judge all Protestant pastors.

The pastors you’ve met personally do not account for all pastors the world over. Don’t ascribe their motives and your perceptions of their wealth onto them, it’s a falsehood and it isn’t charitable.


He’s an Irish traveller the same as me and in my culture everyone knows everyone we are all even related in some way he lives down the road from my sister yes he wealthy. So are almost all the Irish traveller pastors


“All Protestant pastors are Irish traveller pastors”. You’re quite sure of that, are you?


This is probably the 100th time that I’ve had to explain this🙄 I don’t know how to use punctuation as I was taken out of school just after I learned how to read


You’ve learned where to put an emoji in a sentence, now just substitute a period instead.


But he isn’t “most Protestant pastors”.

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