Why are most Protestant pastors rich?


That means you have only met successful Christian pastors. A lot of those guys don’t do so well at all, financially- but you haven’t met those fellows.

I don’t think its easy at all just to start a church and convince people to come. I’ve seen church launches both come and go around here in this neighborhood. A big chance of failure, most fail, just like most restaurants and most other new businesses. Even when they are a “franchise” sponsored and financed by an established denomination.

C class Mercedes are nice cars, but nothing that “special”, an entry level luxury car that really doesn’t compare to the S class or Bentleys.


I didn’t say all and Irish travellers or other people call us gypsys do make up the majority of pastors in England there are 300,000 of us living in England almost ALL Protestant travellers go to churches run by pastors who are also travellers most traveller settlements have a built in Protestant church


U have to see with your eyes to understand


And their successful because we only like mixing with our own people so if we had the choice to go to a church run by travellers or run by none travellers we’d choose the church run by our own kind mainly because most none travellers hate us with fiery passion so tend to try and avoid them


Are there Irish Traveler Catholics?


Most Irish travellers are now Protestant mainly because most can’t read and believe whatever you tell them I’m Catholic but most of my family aren’t only a few of my aunts my parents and 1 uncle I have 36 first cousins on my mother’s side alone and only 1 of them is Catholic


My mother told my Protestantism only came to travellers in the 80s when 1 man came back another country built a church threw John 3:3 and bam thousands of Travellers started converting


My dad, may he Rest In Peace, was a pastor in a rather large Lutheran church In a mid-sized Pennsylvania city. He was no where near rich. Most pastors are not.
Linked is an LCMS pay scale.


Let me know if you can define any of this as “rich.”
Actually, I find the title of the thread “rich.”


I’m sorry that you father died I hope he gets a good bed In heaven x


Oh I missed the part where you and the people involved are Irish Travelers! Apologies. I’m so fascinated with your culture. The answer to your question then might be for the same reason your dad trades out nice cars so frequently if that is something cultural it is likely cultural for the pastor too.


Thank you
Many years ago. He served the Lord and his fellow man.


My dad doesn’t trade cars for a living he just buys them but doesn’t wanna lose any money so he sells them fast to make a profit and it isn’t a culture thing for pastors since Protestantism only came to the travellers in the 80s up until then were where all Catholic


Which again, means NOTHING.

So you should ask yourself why your own family buys such fancy things.


Also don’t believe what you read about us online :wink: I’ve read them all and most of it is bull we only tell people what we want them to know or what they think they know where all different like different races of people were completely and even genitcally different from Roma travellers


I know Catholic priests who own cars like this, as well as Waterford crystal and fine china collections. They take expensive vacations.

Frankly, unless they’re embezzling from the parish, it’s none of my business.

And for what it’s worth, most Protestant pastors I know are unable to support families on just that one job


Yes, you really are.


My father isn’t a pastor and when he was younger he was very poor if he needed a new pair of shoes he had to wait for his older brothers shoes to get too small he worked very hard for what he has gives 10% of what he earns to the church unlike gypsy pastors they buy their fancy things from donations from the traveller community


Ask you father to spend some money on an English tutor. You don’t need many lessons to improve your English.


So I think my dad is more than entitled to a few nice cars and a nice house :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I don’t need to improve my English it isn’t something that’s necessary in life not for a traveller girl we don’t work only men do :wink: easier for us

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