Why are most Protestant pastors rich?


I don’t know of this is the case, but it would make sense for a culture that does still travel or used to travel often to put more emphasis on nice vehicles.


Punctuation has been taken out of school? Pardon me, but I do not believe you.

Furthermore, it has not been taken out of books, nor off the internet. So go to an online tutorial on how to punctuate sentences and learn how unless you want to be continually identified as rather uneducated. I can’t imagine hiring an employee who cannot write a proper sentence.


Most only travel in the summer now


Actually I left when I was 5 so pardon you I don’t need to learn anything about punctuation or any type of work since I will never work in my life the only work I will be doing is cleaning my home and looking after children girls don’t work in my culture and to reply to your other comment no I’m not saying theirs anything wrong with being wealthy i but I do find a problem with so called men of god taking people’s money to buy cars and houses


So you don’t think pastors should be able to support themselves?


How are you going to help your children write Christmas cards to their grannies?


Oh, i misunderstood.

You were taken out of school at age 5? That is a crime in most western countries.

So perhaps you should consider that your view of the world comes from your very limited education and experience, and consider that keeping girls ignorant through lack education may have some ulterior motives.

Educating yourself and gaining some experience outside your own culture may help you see that the world is indeed a big place and doesn’t work quite the way you’ve been led to believe.

I wish you well Rosie, but if you maintain your self imposed ignorance I doubt we will have fruitful discussions with you here on CAF.


Also “uneducated” don’t judge my intelligence based on punctuation I may not of gone to school but i know a lot about “LIFE” i know the important things I don’t see how adding and subtracting or vocabulary or punctuation make you smart yes sir I am very smart I know a lot about my faith more than most girls of 19 and that’s all I need to know at least I don’t take drugs and drink so many hypocrites judge gypsys while there children are stoned or drunk while they don’t even know if there children are alive or not we obey our parents we answer the phone we return texts were home 20 minutes early believe that


If you want to communicate clearly with people, including those on this forum, you should try to learn punctuation. It will make what you are trying to say easier to understand.

I have to agree with those on this thread that say most Protestant pastors are not rich. I’ve known many that require second jobs to get by. I once had one pastor working for me back in the 1980s.


I live in England yes it is illegal still got away with it tho :kissing_heart:


Culture question you totally don’t have to answer:

Are you likely to have an arranged marriage or maybe just required to marry a fellow traveller?


I know u mean well but I have to disagree since all my family don’t use punctuation I can understand perfectly what they’re saying x


Actually, it is important if you want to effectively communicate with others. It is also important if you wish to be considerate of those you are communicating with.
We use basic punctuation in our everyday spoken language. Using it in written language helps the reader translate it into what it would sound like spoken.


No we don’t have arranged marriages :joy: the only requirement is he has to be a traveller we ARE NOT allowed to marry outside of our culture we may be disowned if we do that’s we don’t mix


It sounds like @Rosie11 is saying there is something wrong with being wealth while being a Protestant pastor


You are correct that being smart and being learned are two different things, but some basic math I would hope you agree, will help you not to be taken advantage of at stores in your future role as wife/mother/housekeeper and will help you keep up with supporting the education of your sons if you have sons who stay in school.

A person does not have to be in school to further their studies.


I only talk to people within my culture this is the only place I talk to none travellers and I only come when I have a question about my faith I can honestly say that almost the entire traveller community either can’t read or is terrible at spelling the ones who can read don’t use punctuation we can still understand each other perfectly I even only recently learned that it was called punctuation I use to call it dots and weird dots :joy:


I can know maths I sometimes help my dad count his money my future sons will be the same as me stay school just long enough to learn to read there father will teach them the rest


Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying they also buy the stuff with money given to them by the traveller community Jesus said u can’t have 2 masters x


But now that you are communicating here , (brief pause) it would be considerate to use punctuation.(end of sentence)

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