Why are most Protestant pastors rich?


Do you have any special terms to referto to the rest of us? I watched a documentary about a Romani family in America and they had all kinds of words for outsiders?

I always wonder if those willing to appear on television programs like that are looked down upon by the rest of thr community for revealing too much or if it’s good because it clears up misconceptions


I think there are a lot of people who have wild ideas about how much a Protestant pastor can earn, or how much work is involved in the profession.


Wealth used to God’s call to care for His children, (brief pause) is not wrong. (End of sentence). To assume that “Protestant “ pastors are wealthy and not doing so seems unfair. (End of sentence)


The ones in America are completely different to us they are more closer to none travellers than they are to us they sleep around before they’re married and drink alcohol we would not mix with them either


Here in the US, that perception comes from the tv preacher/evangelist crowd. They no more represent “Protestant “ clergy than the scandalous priests represent Catholic clergy.


@Rosie11 you are correct we should not be attached to money. We should only attach ourselves to God and to other people.
It’s entirely possible that you’ve met a few pastors that are attached to money, however that doesn’t mean most protestant pastors are that way. You probably already knew that though. Perhaps you’re just irritated by what you see on the surface.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to grow deeper in your faith. Please pray for these men. Pray for them to grow closer to Jesus who loves them so much. I did this with people who were irritating me and I grew to love them with a Christian love so amazing. Thank you for sharing you story. God bless you.


I hate that I keep having to say this THEIR TAKING POEPLES MONEY TO BUY THEIR FANCY THINGS their was also another gypsy pastor a few years ago thousands of people where donating lots of money to a so called orphanage in Romania long story short the orphanage was none existent when everyone found out about it he committed suicide


Ever since that I’ve always been suspicious :thinking:


Who are taking people’s money to buy their fancy things? (End of a question)
When you say Protestant pastors, that’s inclusive. Please be specific. Who? Give names.


What you are calling, “taking other people’s money,” most people call, “earning a salary.” Where do you think most people get money?


Again, you’re looking at the behaviour of a few pastors and generalising that to “most Protestant pastors” which is neither fair nor charitable.


Hasty generalizations are never a good thing


Well Their making a lot of money then makes me question their motives


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