Why are not homosexual priests banned from serving?


I find it ver disturbing that homosexuals are being allowed to serve in the priesthood. What is being done to cleanse the priesthood of these scandalous and disgusting people? Are they carefully being kept from entering the seminary? Are they being removed when it is determined that homosexuals have indeed been ordained? If not, why not? Further, what do I say to my nephew who wants to leave the church if they don’t remove homosexuals from the priesthood? He has no disagreement with them being kept in the church, however.


Dear Lance,

First of all, people who through no fault of their own, find themselves sexually attracted to members of their own sex are not scandalous and disgusting. No human being who has ever been created is disgusting simply by that fact. SIN is disgusting.

What is scandalous and disgusting is the sinful behavior of some priests who have homosexual tendencies. But not all priests with such tendencies do such things. Not all heterosexual priests have betrayed their commitment to celibacy with women, but some have.

I have no doubt that seminaries and houses of formation are going to be far more careful about who they accept and how they form them in the ways of chaste living. The wheels of change are already beginning to turn and Rome will be more involved in the formation of priests at the local level.

I would suggest that you help your nephew to focus on the essentials of our faith. The others did not leave Jesus simply because Judas betrayed Him. Jesus founded only one Church—not several and the Catholic Church is it!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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