Why are people attacking the traditonal threads?

I have been on this site for about a year now and recently it seems people who do not have traditional views are attacking this part of the site.
If you do not share the convictions of the people on this part don’t post here. To hear people blab on about how great V2 was and how we need to get with the times is just irritating. I don’t jump on every post about Speaking in Tongues and I would appreciate the same treatment. If this section gets you upset because something you love to do we call an abuse then don’t read it. Plain and simple you are in control, you clicked the link meaning you willfully chose to come to this section. Maybe just maybe if more people held traditional believes we would have more people practicing NFP. Maybe we would have more people understanding that the Host is Jesus and not just symbolic and bread. Maybe we would have Priests who will speak out against Birth control from the Alter. Maybe Laypeople who refer to the Host as the Host and not bread.

When you jump in on our section and disrupt it and it turns ugly don’t blame it like… "Oh every time I get on here they yell and argue"
It is no different then when a non-Catholic gets on the morality section and says that this or that is not a sin and birth control is A Okay.

Just because we have different convictions does not make us wrong or ignorant. We are Catholic just like you, we may have a different way at looking at things but we are still your brothers and sisters. God loves us all the same, My not eating fish on any Friday is not a slight against you nor is it trying to one up you. God loves you and we love you, This in fighting has to stop and if keeping ourselves separated on this forum is the only way then fine. We are One and I don’t want to see people getting feelings hurt or angry on something small like this. Lets not go looking for fights amongst our Brothers. :twocents:

Hope this made sense
God Bless our whole Church


It would be nice for the liberal-minded people to not come into the trad section and attack our beliefs.

Although, I suppose that is part of the reason there exist a few good trad fora.

Either way, I totally agree.

But, did you mean you don’t meat on Friday? Or you don’t eat fish?

LOL I mean I don’t eat meat

typing fast as I am at work
thanks for throwing me under the Popemobile lol

God Bless

No problem.

ErrorCMDR, I am probably one of the people you are talking about, although I hope I’m not actually attacking anyone.

I have found the Traditional forum to be immensely enlightening, in a positive way. I am not a traditionalist, but I am unhappy with the present state of things. My conversations here have brought me closer to the trad view vis a vis the abuses and such than I had before.

But, at the same time, you can’t expect this to be your sanctuary to trash the rest of the people in the other forums, which is what you are doing as a group. If you trash all things NO, then you should expect that you will be called to defend that to others on the site, especially with that new feature that shows topics from other forums on the left side.

I agree in that I don’t like the trolls who just lob grenades and leave - but if people come here to learn and engage a real, live traditionalist, what’s the harm?

There is more than a hint of Phariseeism about it. “Oh thank God I’m not like those nasty traditionalists”.

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