why are people making a big deal about this pope thing?


i dont see why the media keeps trying to put more gas in the flame and i dont see why these retarded “muslims” protesting and rioting every single freaking thing… i bet 90% of them dont even know the name of the Pope… why care what he says?

i could understand boycotting because of the danish cartoons but this is just too much…

as a muslim i think it makes us look like imbecils with nothing better to do…

but in reality its not really about the Pope… a lotof muslims in those countries are fed up with America and the West and therefore finds every excuse to protest against it…


If you think the Islamic response is imbecilic, and it is, then you have a job to do. Begin by protesting the protestors. Tell them are idiots and why. Demand that Islamic leaders stop pouring gas on the flames. They are chiefly to blame. It isn’t just the media’s fault. Then educate Muslims on why they are proving the Pope right and demand they renounce all violence in the name of Islam. No dhimmis, no killing of converts etc. You have a golden opportunity to bring reason to Muslims.


Thank you!!
Your voice is a voice very much needed in the Muslim world. Please spread your message to Muslims everywhere.


I too dont know what to do to these guys who burned churches and killed a nun. I can understand demonstrations. But i cant understand burning of embassies and attacking a church and a nun.

Who do you think these gusy are and how did they become so stupid?

I have never met any body like this in my life. At least not in person.



i want to make a clear distinction…

again… this is an “islamic response”??

just cause muslims do something doesnt automatically make it islamic…

i know tons of gang members, most are catholics… they go around robbing, selling drugs, etc… do i say that this is a catholic thing to do? no… so you should make that distinction as well…

i just think that most muslims and most people not in america or the west are tired of putting up with our **** (it doesnt hurt to admit we havent exactly treated the nonwestern world very good) and they just need something to get their anger out…

they want their voice to be heard unfortunately it is being heard but taken in the wrong way…and the media (yes they are to be blamed… not entirely but very much so) keeps publishing these stories cause they sell…

its like people watching car crashes or something bad happening… cause there is nothing fun about watching people walking around with candles… you rather watch stuff get blown up… and the idiotic muslims think that this is actually helping them when in reality its hurting them… they are being played… its like william hung from american idol… everyone laughed at him at his expense but he did not know it


I can’t understand why the Muslims care so much about what the Pope says. Anyway if you actually read the Pope’s statement in its entirety it’s clear the Pope is talking about religion being 100% anti-violence.

I think the Muslim world needs an enemy, the despotic rulers who lead the Muslim nations want to take the heat off of themselves, so they need another enemy, and the West is the good old standbye.



Killing people and burning down churches is not a protest…it’s criminal violence.



There is nothing fun about watching this evil. But, I happen to think if it was not happening to begin with- then I would not need to now would I???


Here’s a great example of the contradiction that is Islam. They are up in arms about being called violent, then we see a “protester” with the sign to "behead anyone who says Islam is violent:

Original source:


Of course it could be a counter demonstrator, and if it is I get his point…



You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.


The big deal is that Muslims are carrying signs calling for the death of our Pope and have threatened the Vatican itself.

The big deal is that Muslims have said that the Pope and the West are “doomed”.

The big deal is that Muslims killed a nun and have kidnapped priests in Iraq.

The big deal is that Christians in the Islamic world have to fear going to church because Muslims might be waiting there to kill them and destroy the building.

The big deal is the Pope said violence and religion are incompatible and Muslims responded, not with an openness to dialogue, but violence.

I think it’s offensive that a paper in Iran described the Pope as a “dancing pig” but I’m not burning effigies of Muhammed and shouting outside mosques with signs like “Imam go to Hell”.


That sign has to be a joke. I hope. That person is brilliant if it is.


Is this directed towards me? If so can you explain what you mean?


It was directed towards the sign holder along with everyone who keeps saying Islam is not violent. The quote is a line from The Princess Bride. The word being used in the movie was “inconceiveable”.

My point is that we have people parading around seemingly totally ignorant of the fact that Beheading and otherwise torturing, killing, shooting etc is violent. I was agreeing with you. Sorry for being cryptic.


I think it is too, but in reading some of the signs from the Muslim protesters, I’m not positive. I know some were saying Muslims will conquer Rome, Pope burn in hell, Watch your back etc…

Anyway the mere fact that riots and numerous violent outbursts even murder have all started from the Pope quoting a 14th century Byzantine Emperor who said Muslims and Muhammed are violent is very ironic.


Oh, completely. I agree with you 100%. I just wish I had thought of that sign first. :smiley:




Fed up because of our freedom? Fed up with our standard of living? Freedom to worship God how we see fit? Freedom of speech? Defending the country that is the only democracy in the region? Fed up because we are the country other countries come to when they need halp and we generously respond?

I am fed up with the violence in the name of Allah, I am fed up with extremists who pilot planes into buildings and kill innocent people who have done nothing to them, and that, in many cases, did not even know of the people who perpetrated this atrocity. I am fed up with a religion that is not willing to be tolerant of others while they DEMAND tolerance and SUBMISSION of others. I cannot imagine a god who would demand this is his followers.


I am not fed up with those who claim to be Muslim and perpetuate this horror.

I am fed up with Muslim leadership that does not instantly denounce this kind of response.

I am fed up with the LACK of organized response from the average Muslim to peacefully make their statement against this.

But I am also greatly saddened that the reason they probably do not have any kind of organized response is because of a honest and real fear of violence towards themselves and their own family if they were to protest the protestors.

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