Why are people places and things consecrated to mary and other Saints and what are indulgences?

I understand Consecrating people places and things to God but why Mary and certain saints such as St Michael?
With out really getting into Fatima or any of the Private revelations that are part of Catholic Culture and not the Deposits of Faith what would Consecrating a country to Mary’s immaculate heart do?
Why not Just Consecrate a country to Jesus? Wouldn’t that mean more?

What are indulgences I really can’t understand or grasp this concept and it seems really complicated to me.

I’m sure I probably have a ton going to confession almost weekly even for venial with grave matter sins or sometimes just plain venial sins being judgmental or uncharitable.
Going to Mass every sun
Wearing a sacred heart medal which technically is a scapular medal which I am enrolled in but no longer active in.

I don’t concentrate on devotional promises because to me there Un-scriptural and don’t line up with he deposits of faith and are Superstitious.
Also I think they can make a person scrupulous and sort of doing a devotion to get cookie points with God. it becomes sort of the person doing a devotion only because they get something out of it and not out of the goodness and kindness and love of their heart.
Similarly I don’t concentrate on building up indulgences for the same reason it kind of goes hand in hand with the medieval concept of good works.
Helping old ladies across the street to get on God’s good side and not what good works really are doing kind acts of love or charity out of the goodness of ones heart which has grace with through belief in and following the commandments of Jesus Christ.
I would rather build these things up unconsciousnessley with Grace and the holy spirit then on purpose which would loose all meaning.

These aspects of Catholicism confuse me.

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