Why are people so afraid of Satan?

What do believers really fear about Satan? Does a believer think about Satan often? When bad things happen to believers do they give Satan credit for it?
Is it healthy to think Satan can possess you? How would you know if he did?
What kind of power do you think he has over anything you do?
Do any of you think he can talk to you? Have you ever felt his presence?
Tell me all you can about Satan and your beliefs about him.

I do not fear Satan. I detest Satan and all that the angel stands for. He was once in God’s favor and now he is not. He was once a part of Heaven and now he is not.

His wish is to steal souls from God so as to prove he is superior. I do not wish to be his tool.

He is the opposite of God and does not deserve any more attention than that.

Okay, good. I have scanned some things that made me ask this. Some people seem to think a lot of Satan, and think of him often. In some countries it seems people are obsessed with possession cases. I don’t know why this is.:shrug:

Well, first consider that Satan has some nutcase followers who want to cut your heart out.

Then consider that Satan is probably the most horrifying, ugly evil spirit that anyone can possibly imagine. PLUS he wants to drag your soul down to Hell for all eternity.

And then there are his many demon friends who happen to make knives and stuff fly through the room, take possession of various folks, been known to push exorist priest into on coming trucks and a bunch of other nasty tricks. (I’m reading a new book on exorcists “the Rite”).

Yes, I think there is sufficient reason to fear Satan. He might not win, but he can be a real big time nusiance. Don’t underestimate him, he can be a very nasty character, and he is real. I’m not actually afraid of him, because I have my guardian angel and faith in Christ to protect me. BUT I would not want to meet him or any of his followers in a dark alley anytime soon. :smiley:

Does anyone believe Satan to be simply a symbolic figure? Representing something rather than being a something?

I’m reading The Rite too!:thumbsup:

Catholics would not believe Satan is symbolic.

Hi there!

I see you are formerly Adventist? Mormon? Do they also agree about who/what Satan is, and capable of?

I’m a former Mormon. Mormons believe that Satan was the spirit child of God the Father, as all beings are his spirit children, including Jesus Christ. In the pre-existence (pre-mortal existence), there were two Plans of Salvation being discussed, one put out by God the Father (which Jesus supported) and one by Lucifer. God’s plan wanted to give us free will (agency) while Lucifer wanted to force everyone to come back to Heaven (Celestial Kingdom), and while this sounds nice, it takes away our free will. Lucifer also would be the Savior, and thus would get all the glory, which is all he wanted. Lucifer and 1/3 of the other spirits in Heaven rebelled, and therefore were cast out of Heaven.

Would Lucifer under his plan have required himself to die by crucifixion like Jesus did?

the specifics aren’t laid out for his plan. The important thing in this event is that either Jesus or Lucifer was to be the Redeemer. Lucifer wanted to save everyone, but only by taking away their choice in the matter, and therefore he would receive all the glory for saving everyone.

Thank you for explaining that viewpoint.

Kind Regards,


I do not fear satan but i try to be weary about his traps and empty promises!

Try not to think about satan too much, (you don’t have to think about him you can see him in all the evil that is going on in the world!!!) But we know how to combat that, devotion to the eucharist, confesion, prayer and devotion to the blessed virgin mary mother of God!

I think satan indirectly talks to us when he places temptation in front of us and intensifies them! pushes us to commit sin!

Don’t forget also, satan is clever! he’s biggest trick is to convice people that he does not exist! so people don’t have a hatred for sin and him! he tries to direct our hatred towards God, the same hatred he has for God.

But, how clever could Satan really be? It does not seem clever to me to sign your own death warrant. :shrug:

Satan can possess people, that is the reality. When possessed you are filled with energy, which is like a roaring yellow fire. He takes control of your voice and screams his ideas in a very high pitched helium voice.

He seems to be aware of everything that people do and has strong oppinions about those things.

If you have enough love for him you can desire to see him. He will cover someone, and you will see him as a very beautiful yellow spirit. His presence is very strong during audience with him. It is powerful and somewhat unsettling.

Jesus said that he is the God of this world. You might think about refering to him as Lucifer.

Be good now,

No it’s not clever to sihn your own death warrant but he was an angel before he fell, i know he lost some of his powers when he did fall but he still is more powerfull and smarter than us humans.

He was overcome with the sin of pride, this is why he fell. He very well knew he consequences of what would happen but he did it anyway because out of sheer pride (and i personally think stupidity!!). He longed to be greater than God or equal to him! He would not co-operate with God’s plan (" i will not serve"). Pride makes you blind.

Thank you for more explaining Louie. I do wonder why so much detail is given about his garments having gems in the bible too. I can’t remember now what it says, but it describes him as being handsome too, or maybe I read into that part. Now, I don’t know if he was the only one with these fancy sounding garments, or only what is called Archangles are given, because not a lot is coming up on a google search when I try to check that out, but could he have been a “spoiled” angel to begin with? Favored by God perhaps? Dare I say, God’s favorite one of them all? And, if he was couldn’t that be a part of the reason he may have fallen to pride? I’m comparing this to spoiled children who are out of control, but we see that as the parent’s fault. So is it possible he had a more limited capacity to resist pride under conditions like that if that is in fact the case?
I’ll see if I can find that passage again. I found it earlier today. It made me wonder about all this.

Is it okay to speculate these things though? Can God get angry about speculation?

No probs! He was known as lucifer, Lucifer (i may be incorrect here) was known as the Angel of light.

God did not show favourtism to anyone i believe, he placed some angels higher than other according to their role and their characteristics. Satan had no reason to believe he was spoilt. God revealed his plan to him and the other angels and this is where Lucifer commiteed the sin of Pride, God explained that he was going to create humans in his image and one of those humans (Mary blessed virgin) was to be crowned queen of heaven! This is what got Lucifer offside, he refused to bow to a human (and ultimately to god!). When he refused he did two things: 1) rejected god’s plan and authority 2) Created a split among the angels (some followed him). That’s where the great battle in heaven occurred, Lucifer and his angels fought and Michael (who cried out “who is like God?”) and his angels fought, Michael then cast satan and the rest of the fallen angels out of paradise!

Lucifer was not spoiled or anything of the sort, we really can’t compare human nature to that of angels. They are pure spirit.

It’s fine to speculate about these but as long you come to the right answer which is found in the catholic church, However the message of salvation can not be found here (not all of it anyway). Read the Gospels and believe, this is the best advice i can give you.

I used to think that Lucifer and Satan were the same entity. It seemed like the most prevailing idea was that Lucifer was his name until he fell from grace and thus became Satan.

However one of the more notable exorcist says that he believed they are two different beings. Lucifer is much more common among the demons posessing folks while Satan is very rare. It implies that Satan is much more powerful.

I thought the terms did have to express a different meaning to them myself, but never went into investigating that.:blush:

Thanks for letting me know about that.:slight_smile:

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