why are priest

i have a question that was ask to me.
Why is a priest called Father?


[quote=Jlrami1]i have a question that was ask to me.
Why is a priest called Father?


Because they act as a father figure in faith. St. Paul called himself Timothy’s “father” because he is the one that brought him up into Christianity.

The idea comes from the meaning of church leaders. In the bible they were called elders or bishops. In the Greek this is presbyters. The term father didn’t come to be til the Dominican order in monasteries. Those who guided the monks were like fathers and so they were affectionately called father. This was after the 8th century.

                             We look to our priest as fathers as well, because they guide us and lead us as a spiritual family.

As a convert, I had a little problem calling a priest Father, made it even harder because my pastor is YOUNGER then me, and i’m only 42 :smiley:

St. Paul said he was a Father to Timothy, and Abraham is called Father Abraham, even by protestants. :smiley: Today, I have no problems at all calling my priest Father. He corrects me when needed, advises me when appropiate, and loves me as a child of God. Sounds like a FATHER to me. :thumbsup:

The person is probably referring to the fact that the Bible says “call no man Father”. But as others have pointed out, Scripture tells us that different Apostles referred to themselves as Father. Contradiction? No, context.

catholic.com/library/Call_No_Man_Father.asp Here is a tract from Catholic Answers that should answer your (and the other persons ) questions.

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