Why are promarijuana people so mean?


I said somewhere that I was against marijuana. I simply stated my reasons why I didn’t like it - one including working in a drug booth, the next included witnessing someone die from a cocaine overdose, the next included witnessing my friends loosing their dreams. And I drew a little picture on a marijuana cigarette hanging on a noose and a person burning a marijuana flag. Soon there was 7 pages of pro marijuana people saying I was ignorant, stupid and needed to be more educated on the topic when they didn’t even know who I was. they said I was acting like a 10 year old and tried to start propaganda and only saw black and white. I think they had that problem, they only saw white. Everyone flamed and attacked me! I didn’t barely say anything! :mad: I said nothing offensive! Soon there were I think 20 or more pages about people saying how immature and stupid I was. They were even mocking the fact that I was suicidal. They went off the topic and the thread became a thread on how stupid I was. I have been called stupid a billion times and whenever someone even gives the slightest hint that he thinks I am stupid I snap. I didn’t say anything for a long time. Finally at the end of the thread I got really really angry and said something I really shouldn’t have. I didn’t really mean it but when your angry like that you say things you don’t mean. Of course, I got banned and the thread still continued to say I was stupid. They said I lost all legitimacy of my argument (not like it was ever legitimate anyway - and I didn’t argue! I simply stated I very much hated marijuana and the reasons why!)


The righteous shall suffer. :wink:

That’s the life of the Internet. Try telling them about the wrongs of premarital sex or contraception. Basically, if you undermine something people like very much and especially if they sense that you might have a point there, there will flame as much as they can. That’s however not really discourse with you but more so their own internal one. At some point they might realise this. Or might not. It’s possible that by your posting there you have helped someone - but you don’t know yet. Maybe that person doesn’t know yet, either. Let it not bother you that some mean people have called you names. They say you’re stupid, I say you’re perfectly fine, which matters more? :wink:


keep repeating…

The internet is NOT real life…
The internet is NOT real life…
The internet is NOT real life…
The internet is NOT real life…


peeps have mj?
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I’m totally lost! My kids and husband loves Peeps (I don’t like them), but I hope they don’t have marijuana:)

Anyway, my real reason for the post is to agree with you. Marijuana (and other drugs) destroy lives. Marijuana deprives you of your drive to accomplish anything. That comercial with the 30 something guy still living at home is the real face of marijuana. Maybe some people think it’s not harmful, but when all you want to do is sit around the house and never actually ACOMPLISH anything, that’s harmful (and that’s just one aspect that’s bad)!

God Bless!



“Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you (falsely) because of me.
Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven. Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

Matthew 5:11-12


I am something of a Catholic libertarian and frankly want to treat marijuana the same as alcohol is treated. If you can use it in a way that does not affect your life negatively, fine, you are an adult. If you get addicted and it destroys your life, you treat it as a disease. If you get high and go driving, you get arrested. (and I am saying this as someone who has never tried any illegal drugs)

I really do not think that discussing political issues like drug classification rises to the level of religious persecution. Though I think we would all be better served if people tried to discuss political issues with some respect for the other side – that does sound like they went too far.


Personally, I think that marijuana should be legalized. I don’t smoke pot and have no intentions of doing so, but I don’t see it as anymore harmful then alcohol.

At the same time, two people can disagree with one another and still be polite and respectful while they debate. People tend to get their emotions too caught up in the discussion and not react to what is being said so much as what they ‘feel’ is being said. This might have been what happened to you. Although I have to admit because I have not read what thread you are referring to, it is difficult for me to make a judgement call.

Perhaps you could start a similar discussion on this forum and we could all engage in a polite debate with one another.:slight_smile:


The key is if you are abusing the substance.

My family has suffered various addictions both the alcohol and prescription drugs. I think that certain individuals are genetically at risk to developing addictions and should avoid many substances. Heck some people can get addicted to sex. Yet simply because there are a people who abuse sex, alcohol and prescription drugs does not mean that we should make these things illegal.


I always thought a brain was such a complicated, fragile thing, why would anyone want to mess with it??? Three of my four kids messed with it for a time and paid the consequences in various ways. On the other hand, they told me that when there was pot at parties, people were basically sitting around listening to music and “chilling out.” But at alcohol parties, there were always people starting fights. And alcohol is legal. Makes no sense to me. I hate all of it.

I’m sorry you got blasted on your other thread. It’s hard to not take something personally. We like you here!!!http://forums.catholic.com/images/icons/icon12.gif



That’s heavy on the “libertarian”, and light on the “Catholic”. Drinking alcohol to the point of being drunk is a sin, even if it doesn’t affect your life negatively.


To give you an idea how I wish it was, there were no two politicians with differing views on just about everything in the early 1960s than JFK and Barry Goldwater. Yet, they were close friends. When Goldwater was initially thinking of running for president in 1964, he and JFK actually discussed having a long series of debates (presidential debates were new then) including one on a plane. In fact, they even joked about sharing a campaign plane.


That is my point though, I trust people to make their own judgments on these things. If someone has a problem with alcohol, we treat it as a problem and fix it. Unless they get drunk and go driving or get disorderly, we do not throw them in jail.

I believe the same should go for drugs like marijuana.


I would never call you stupid for being against the legalization of marijuana. With that said, I believe it should be legal as well. The amount of money that is spent policing it is rediculous. Our jails are full enough without people who use marijuana being thrown in jail. What was said in this thread earlier is true. I have seen many people become violent when the drink, but I have never witnessed an angry person who was using marijuana at the time. If it was legalized and taxed we could kill a large source of revenue that criminals rely on. Just my opinion.


Fair enough. It seems that you were speaking legally, and I was speaking morally.

But don’t you think the law should echo morals? (Of course there’s a limit as to how much morality you wish to impose through force… I don’t think anyone here would advocate arresting people for skipping Mass, but I’m not convinced that it is morally acceptable to advocate the decriminalization of an immoral act).


antimarijuana people can be just as harsh.

It has nothing to with the stances people take, it’s just human nature for them to demonize people who don’t agree with them.


Why would smoking pot on be less moral then drinking an occasional beer. I am not speaking about an addicted or abusive use but just a rare joint now and then.

If I saw pot smoking as immoral I would agree. The only reason that I view it as wrong now is because it is illegal but if it was legal then why would it be bad?


IMHO I still think that marijuana should stay illegal.

When you drink in excess you suffer the consequences the next day. With Marijuana you don’t, all you want is more the next day. And I will agree that alcohol kills brain cells, but I think that marijuana does much more damage to the brain than alcohol. By making it legal, you would be telling some people “the effects aren’t that bad”.

My father is a recovering alcoholic, and once he quit drinking his memory function returned & he functions normally. My brother is a recovering marijuana addict, and his memory is still shot. He was always a very smart person, could have done great things with his life. Although he holds down a steady job, he often can’t remember simple things from conversations a week or two old. He still has no desire to leave the house and do something - anything!

Maybe I read too much into that and he is just that type of person (a couch potato), and many people who don’t/didn’t smoke pot are still couch potato’s, but I can’t help but to believe that it affected him.

In my experience, if you have a small amount of marijuana you will not be prosecuted if you are caught with it. It is just taken away. If however you are doing other illegal things, or are caught several times, they may prosecute you for possesion.


I have an unorthodox position but bear with me on it. I think we should restore the legal production of hemp crops, but retain a prohibition against commercial sale of “smokable” product and seed lines targeted for THC content, and keep m.j. use in the drug tests for employment, etc.

History: During the colonial period the value of hemp as a crop was so great that major landowners often had a statutory requirement to devote part of their land to hemp production. The prohibition against growing the commercial strains was pushed to a great extent by the cotton and agro-chem lobbies; since hemp is a native plant it grows well with very little chemical supplementation and was a strong competitor to cotton in the food oil and fiber markets.

The commercial fiber and oil crop strains are selected for properties other than the THC content of their flowers, to the point that the quantity smoked necessary to show an effect would be as much oxygen deprivation as what was induced by THC. Further, the crops are planted a densities that discourage flowering (the part that is smoked) except at the fringes of the field.

Two side benefits:

  1. Most people (kids) just wanting to experiment will most often choose the free option of swiping low-power flowers from Farmer Brown’s field rather than going to a drug dealer for their M.J. That in turn would put a real crimp in the normal pattern of M.J. turning into a gateway for harder drugs by eliminating the M.J. experimenters from having to be introduced to the local drug dealers while also making them wonder what the big deal was as their amateur attempts at processing the flowers themselves would probably not go real well…
  2. Those individuals still attempting to grow small batches of higher-THC M.J. outdoors will find their seed lines rapidly diluted by the massive fields of the industrial stuff as commercial production ramps up.

Added: the idea would probably initially appeal to the pot-heads, but they would only realize after the fact that its going to dry up most of their access to “good” pot. I do agree with the OP that much of the mainstream pro-m.j. crowd is way serious / lacking humor, but that is their dependence and denial talking.


I’ve never understood the laws against industrial hemp as it doesn’t have the same amount of THC(did I get that word correct?) as the type of pot that is used for getting high.

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