Why are Protestants so Anti-Catholic?


Why are Protestants who have bias against the Catholic Church so Anti-Catholic. There are numerous Non-Catholic Members here who are extremely Anti-Catholic. I won’t mention their names.


Since again your comments reference me, let me answer you. I am not anti-catholic, and if you would take the time to look at my previous post, you would see what I am talking about.
What I am anti is when someone (you) twist the truth or misrepresent the facts instead of debating the facts. It has nothing with you being Catholic but everything to do with moral character.


The people you are probably referring to are actually ex-Catholics. I have encountered more hostility from ex-Catholics, both on the forum and in my everyday life. The Protestant posters here on the forum are for the most part charitable and not anti-Catholic. I’ve had the same experience in my everyday life with cradle Protestants; they typically are charitable and not hostile toward the Catholic Church. Ex-Catholics are bitter because of some bad experience they had or some conflict between Church teaching and what they wish to do, and they tend to be less charitable.


I didn’t twist anything. I wrote what your wrote down about derailing the topic, and you just denied that you didn’t derail. I admit I did rerail. Who is the honest one here then?


I’m not ex-catholic and he was referring to me!!


Your not the only one here who have such views. There are others. They know who they are.


because for the Protestants to be correct, Catholics have to be wrong. They “protested” the Catholic Church. Martin Luther did not intend to start a new religious movement, his intent was to reform what he thot was wrong with the Catholic Church. He was trying to fix what was broken not throw it away and get a new one. His followers and those who came after him took the ball and ran with it and now today we have hundreds of sects and sadly some cults on the fringes.
Either Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura is correct or it isn’t. Either the Pope is the representative of Christ on earth and head of the Church Jesus instituted the priesthood for at the Last Supper and started building by means of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost or he isn’t.
Ecumenicalism aside, for Protestants to be right, Catholics have to be wrong. And history and logic is on our side.
I pray the schism to be healed. Good, bad or ugly, the Catholic Church is the authentic, original, and True Church that Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 and 20 He would never leave and would be with until the end of time.


I don’t know the conversation you are referring with Justin but not everything is about you. :wink:

Lak611’s opinion on why there are so many anti-Catholics is as good as any. Furthermore nothing in lak’s comment even hinted that he was claiming you were an ex-catholic. The question was “why are Protestants so anti-catholic” not “why is zcharry the Protestant so anti-catholic?”

God bless


I did not even read whatever was posted by zcharry in another thread that prompted this thread. I thought Justin started a new thread that was just a general question. I do know that quite a few of the people who post anti-Catholic remarks are ex-Catholics. I never even read zcharry’s profile to see what his religion is, nor did I see any of the posts by zcharry that were allegedly anti-Catholic.

BTW, I’m a “she” not a “he”.


I commend you on this. This is one of the few times that I have read Martin Luther quoted correctly. You are right with some Churches but there are a couple and one I belong to that have not strayed from Luther differences with the Church.

God Bless


BTW, I’m a “she” not a “he”.

Noted. I apologize :o

God bless


That’s ok. :slight_smile:


This is a big part of it. So many Protestants that get involved in trying to convert Catholics, have zero understanding of Church history. I’ve heard many Protestant pastors saying that they basically didn’t study Church history in seminary. When faced with the reality that their beliefs were first taught around the 16th century, protestants tend to get very defensive. That’s a natural reaction. Once the initial shock has worn off, some began truly questioning what they’ve been taught and searching for the truth. That’s what I did. Others follow the old technique used by some preachers. When your point is weak, get louder. When the question is posed as to why their individual brand of Protestantism is correct and other interperterations are wrong, there’s no answer they can give besides to say “…the Bible says XYZ…” Seeing how that’s the same argument people who disagree with them will use, it’s not a good answer. When they can’t answer your question, they have to start attacking you and your beliefs. This is what I’ve found to be the case when talking to friends and family.


I think for the most part it is sincere zeal, albeit misdirected.
they are still our brothers. and they feel that they NEED to ‘save’ us from ourselves.
What have you used to de-fuse the situation with friends and family?


thank you brother (or sister?)–may God bless you too.


I know you addressed this post to Steve M, so hopefully he can answer you. As for my experiences, I have never gotten into a fight over religion with my Protestant friends and family members (they are all cradle Protestants). The only friends I’ve gotten into fights with over religion were ex-Catholics. Unfortunately, all I was able to do was change the subject to something other than religion, and then later pray for them.


I ask them why they believe their interpretation is correct and others are wrong. I’ve found it’s important to get them to understand that all using the same argument and getting different answers. They’ll usually say something to the extent “Well, that’s what you’re doing.” Then I have a chance to explain the idea of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradidion, and the Magestrium, along with their interrelation. Sometimes they’re receptive other times they get defensive. I believe those who get defensive are sincere, but it’s based on the fact that their whole view of what Christianity is would be shattered if my position were correct. I know mine was. My mom used to ask me if I thought everything I’d been taught was wrong. I’d tell her that a lot of it was, then I’d use scripture to support my position and explain why the idea that everyone could interpret scripture as they saw fit was wrong, and all of the other issus stem from that one thing.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve found to be the case. Some are going to remain anti-Catholic, others won’t be.


I wouldn’t call mine fights, just loud conversations.:smiley:


Thankfully, I haven’t met any protestants in person that are anti-Catholic. They are:

  • my older brother and sister.
  • A minister whom I contact once in awhile to support his ministry over country where people have no clue there is God.
  • A friend who once awhile comes to our Legion of Mary group to pray the rosary with us. :slight_smile:

I am thankful for that. :slight_smile:


My husband (a convert) and I were discussing this the other night as I mentioned some of the posts on here. I think part of it stems from plain old maturity. The Catholic Church has been dealing with schism for a long, long time, and we know that we stand on firm ground, so we don’t need to villify the other side of the argument. So, if a soon-to-be-ex-Protestant in an RCIA class starts bad-mouthing their former denomination, they’re going to get pulled aside and straightened out pretty quick.

(Sadly, the last time I saw a falling-away Catholic weepily tell a “non denomonational” Bible study group that she had just “given her life to Jesus” and he had led her out of “that demon-led church”, the whole group just nodded their heads and murmured encouragement.)

Plus, all of the converts I know or have read about always have great things to say about their former denominations: they first brought them to Christ, they taught them to study the Bible, they encouraged them to dig for truth (which is how they ended up becoming Catholics), etc.

One really has to question the fruits of the conversion when so many leaving the Church are full of venom and hatred, while pretty much everyone joining the Church is at pains to explain to their parents and friends that Catholicism is the fullness of truth, and a fulfillment of their previous upbringing as Protestants or Jews, not a rejection of it.

Sorry to always be so long-winded… engineer turned history major: nit-picky AND verbose! :rolleyes:

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