Why are so many Americans not interested in politics?

What do you think? While I’m sure there’s a lot who are, it really does seem the majority of the people in this country aren’t interested in politics. There’s a few other youtube videos on this guy and his book.

The country has grown so large, that a person can live their entire life and never be involved in politics at all. I think the Founders didn’t imagine that we would end up with a population of over 300 million people, they could not have imagined it.

Also, our public education system has stopped teaching civics/government classes, so generations of kids have grown up with either no knowledge of our government and how it works, or a politicized and revisionist view.

But in the main, I think it’s just that the system seems to run on its own without input from citizens. Of course it really doesn’t, that is an illusion. We ALL need to engage again to set things right, after the disaster of the last nearly 4 years (really things have gone wrong for 40 years, or more).

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Not in michigan…they still teach civics and government here. Which state do you live in? That’s terrible!

Is this a news article?

I believe it is because of the discord between the parties. It has become so bad that it is difficult to take either side seriously.

I have been out registering voters - and it is amazing how many are not registered or have never voted. Also young people are not aware that they can register to vote now if they will be 18 years old before the November elections. I have watched our local newspaper and news and have seen nothing about voter registration even mentioned. Why? I called and suggested they run a story on this but with no result.

It seems obvious to me that the GOP right now is doing their best to make it more difficult to register and vote in some states. We may say what they are doing is not a big deal -but in a time when people are already confused about registration and voting,…it just adds another layer of confusion. In our State they did redistricting which also adds to the confusion. We will work to continue to get people registered and inform them of their rights. I feel both parties should be working to be sure that every single voter is part of the process. Unfortunately, I have seen no effort on the part of the GOP in my state to register anyone. Could it be because the fewer people who vote makes their changes better?

I was very involved in politics for a long time. I have a graduate degree in political science and I lived it for years. After seeing what it’s really about, and how evil it ALL is, I got out. I could not reconcile my values with the behavior involved in getting people elected and holding onto power. I was very upset with how the parties use the morals and values of good people to get and keep power-knowing all along that they have no intention of following through on the promises they made to them. Following through on those promises would remove the reason the people vote for them, and they can’t afford that.

I remember hearing an operative say “we can’t afford to lose the reason they need to vote for us”. That’s when I realized that the issues I cared about would never seriously be addressed and got out.

You do know that there is no “right” to vote, don’t you. You will not find it enumerated anywhere in the Constitution. As for the GOP making it more difficult to vote, that is a Dem cliche. What they are trying to do is to make sure every voter who votes has a right to do so. And stats tell us that in those states where voter ID is required, the number of voters has increased.

Unfortunately, what you say is true.

There’s and audio of Paul Wehnright saying just that. I’ll try to find it and post the link when I get a chance. It’s not pretty.

Not a news article

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