Why are so many Christian negative???

It seems to me, I I read through post and threads, there is so much negativity here. I believe God’s light, is in every man and we all search for Truth. Truth in the Scriptures,Church,philosophy, morals,and spiritual.Yet some people are so negative, with one another. Instead of love, they want to hit the other person, over the head with a sledge hammer. I have been both Catholic and protestant,both sides of the issues. What really gets to me, is how much of the flesh comes out.With in churches, they is always people so negative. Negative about music, the way a priest or pastor does things, they way some one else is living their life, ect,ect,ect… The Catholic Faith, is only perfect, in Spiritual and Moral teachings, it is not perfect, in the human aspect of the Church. No church, is perfect in the human aspect of it.People, are human, and will always have faults. So many, Catholics and Christians, zero in on the flesh. Yes, a church needs good sound teaching, but that doesn’t mean, we kill the patient to cure the virus. Oh, the operation was a success, but the patient died.I am a Catholic, but I once had this mind set. The negativity drove me away, because I was made to never feel good enough, for the Catholic Church. When I was in the protestant churches, it was judgement, and arguing, over what interpretation of Scripture was right. People had problems with the Pastor, so they up and left, and joined another church. I have seen Catholics, do the same thing, I, being one of them. Have a problem with priest,up and leave your Faith. Were is are Faith placed? In a human? They will always fail your expectations,because they are human. Scripture and teachings of the Church, are we are not to walk by the flesh,but the Spirit. Scripture is very clear in Romans and Gaiatians,and the CCC 2516 which is based on Galatians 5:25 …for this reason the Apostles writes," If we life by the Spirit(Holy Spirit) let us also walk by the Spirit(Holy Spirit)." Every day, is a battle between our flesh, and our spirit(soul). Being in protestant churches, was a stepping stone, by God,that got me back to my Catholic Faith, and the Mysteries(Sacraments) It is the Holy Spirit, that guides man.If, we focus, on the God’s Spirit, each and every day, I found my self, so way more positive about things(I can tell this gets to some people). The flesh, wants what it wants and can be very negative about things. We need to stop being negative and pray,pray,pray for those that persecute us for Jesus Christ. Berlin Wall, and Communism, in Russia, didn’t come down because of negativity.It came down,because every one prayed. Pray with out ceasing.If you don’t like some thing pray for it, don’t be negative.Walk by the Holy Spirit, and not by the Flesh. We all have sinned and fell short of the Glory of God. It is the Holy Spirit, that gives us the strength to battle the flesh. :slight_smile:

Why are you so negative about negative people?


“Why are so many Christian negative???”

“it is not perfect, in the human aspect of the Church.”

There ya go.

Also, there’s a lot to be negative about, so it’s kinda the right attitude to have.

My point! We need to walk more by the Spirit,than the flesh, we are parts in the Church Body.:wink:
God Bless

Good to hear from you again, sw85!

To the OP:

Internet forums are primarily a place for strangers to argue (and occasionally become friends in the process). It’s like sitting in on a session of Congress: it’s not an accurate snapshot of life, it’s its own thing.

Secondly, it seems to me like most people who seek the Truth are serious people. Once you realize life is big battle between good and evil, you may get pretty negative for a while, while you wait for your trust in God to catch up. This creates a window there where negativity is pretty normal, and Christians who never really learn to trust God stay negative, unfortunately (a shortcoming of mine, so I would know).

Read Chesterton! He put this in perspective. Also country music helps.

Hi Rich, this is very good insight. It just saddens me we people are so focused on what separates us,then what brings us all together. You are right, like congress argues, then nothing gets There is so much beauty in each church, if we look hard. All Christian Churches believe Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.The negativity I’m talking of is the battle of the flesh and the spirit, like Paul talks of. When we see the Holy Spirit operating in things, things change. It is the Holy Spirit, prayer, and positive people, why I am here and in the Catholic Faith, not a sledge hammer. I found people, judging Catholics for “Double dipping”, judging a priest who tells jokes in a homily,ect… I have seen some protestants be real nasty against the Catholic Church. I understand we are human and emotions get high, I just feel if we try to be in love of other Christians, a lot more can get done.It is all important we follow the Catholic teaches teaching when we get up every day, to pray that the Spirit of God guide us in each day, that through Charity and prayer, people will see the beauty of the Catholic Faith, like I have.I my be wrong in my thinking, but I look at my protestant brothers and sisters, still my family with Jesus Christ. Spiritually they my not have gotten to the place I am, but love, kindness,gently talk with me,and the Holy Spirit changed my heart to the Catholic faith. It is not my job to convert anybody, that is for the Holy Spirit.My life is fuller, because of the Trinity and the Catholic Faith. I guess that is why I am so positive. I have read the Bible, we won with the Cross and we win in the end.:wink:
God Bless

Hmmmmmmmmm… I suppose some Christians are negatives… That is at least until they get …developed . :rotfl::smiley:

:thumbsup: THIS!:smiley:

This is sad to think of those that will not make it to heaven.

The Messages of Lourdes

WEDNESDAY- Wednesday, February 18th 1858
“She said to me,’ i do not promise to make you happy in this world, but in the next.”
“Would you be kind enough to come here for 15 days?”
“I do not promise to make you happy in this world but in the other.”

6TH APPARITION - Sunday, February 21st 1858
“What saddens you?”
Our Lady:
“Pray for sinners.”

8TH APPARITION - Wednesday, February 24th 1858
“Penance! Penance! Penance! Pray to God for sinners.”

10TH APPARITION - Saturday, February 27th 1858
“Penance! Penance! Penance! Pray to God for sinners”

11TH APPARITION - Sunday, February 28th 1858
"Penance! Penance! Penance! Pray to God for sinners.

Then add the words of Jesus to this to pick up our cross every day.

We simply cannot be happy in this world unless we are of this world.
Something is wrong if we consider this a playground.
We look forward to being with Jesus when the test is finished.
We have a great challenge to help those most in need.

Just some thoughts.

My answer to that is given by another poster, perhaps when he saw my posts begin to lack the charity that he would like to see in me. And I admitted it may be so. And he say, “Pray. Sometimes prayer will help in things like this.” (Paraphrase)

Lack of charity and negativity are not from the Lord but the human spirit. When that happens we should check ourselves, take a deep breathe and fall on our knees and ask God to rescue us from the power of the human spirit in us because it will can only get worse; the Devil is laughing, waiting to devour his prey.

So maybe it is because of lack of prayer and poor prayer life?

Well, as my old pastor said to me once, “One bunch of sinners is pretty much the same as the next.” And that includes Christians. I also remember one of his sons saying to me at one stage “People (ie. parishioners) can be very petty at times.”

Read St. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians sometime. Sexual immorality (Chapter 5) including a man living with his father’s wife; lawsuits among believers (Chapter 6); bunfights about food offered to idols (Chapter 8); abuses at the Lords’ supper including getting drunk (Chapter 11); confusion due to speaking in tongues (Chapter 14).

Now that’s a church!

Say hello to your fellow Corinthian sometime in the next pew.

Very good advice indeed :slight_smile:

Don’t you think the cross that we are to pick up everyday is the battle between the flesh and the spirit? I don’t consider the world my playground. I have Love, faith and Hope especially in the Sacraments. I’m happy to be so deeply in love with the Trinity. I see so many positives right now.Record numbers of people being turned to Christianity,specially through Satellite TV. Catholics turning back to the Orthadox,when it comes to Liturgy.We are all sinners when we rely on the flesh, but when we get into the Graces of the Sacraments and walk by God’s Spirit, it helps us avoid the near occasion of sin.I understand like Paul, we long to be with God, but I stay positive because I have heaven on earth in Liturgical worship.I focus on God’s beauty of creation in the earth and the Catholic Faith. It makes me joyful to be alive,specially the Eucharist.:wink:
God Bless

Many is an elastic word. How many is many?

10 people? 10% of the ones I know? 10% of all Christians? Does 10% fairly represent any group?

I think it unreasonable to expect everyone to score an A Plus in every communication encounter. It is so easy to mistate, to misunderstand, so easy to reach a premature conclusion of what the other is trying to say.

Most of us tend to hold our views passionately. In our fast paced sound bite society, we often blurt out our bottom line without the reasoning we used to get there. Or perhaps we just inaccurately parrot something we heard and accepted without fully understanding it. And most of us are competitive and we like to win, and win with a slam dunk “ta da!” statement. Gotcha!

All of us shoud try to distinguish between style and substance. I try to overlook another’s negative style and try to understand the substance of what they are trying to communicate. We can and should politely ask the other to explain his view more fully. “Tell me more.” is a good response. “I’m not quite following you, could you explain it in a different way?” is good too. Often when we get the other to explain it in more detail, they begin to see they may not have said it right or may not have enough facts to support their view.

In the face of negative, it is still our challenge to “Speak the Truth in the Spirit of Love.”

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