Why are some of you Catholic, Roman Catholc, Obl. OSB, etc

Help me understand, why are some of you guys Catholic, Roman Catholic, Obl. OSB, Catholic from a certain rite, etc? I thought the Catholc Church was one. Are those who identified as Roman Catholic belong to a different church that those who identifed themselves as Catholic?

Catholic is the Universal Church
Roman Catholics are those that use the Latin Rite.
There are many Eastern Rite Churches that are in Communion with Rome. Waaaaay back in Biblical times, travel and communication were difficult. Different churches were founded and developed individual Rites apart from each other. Much like language. There are many similarities between French, Italian, and Spanish because they all evolved from Latin. It’s pretty much the same thing with Rites. They started the same, and evolved a little, but the roots are the same. Latin Rite is by far the largest, but it doesn’t mean anything more than observing that English is spoken by more people than Dutch is.

The initials after the names (besides the obvious like PhD) indicate members of religious orders. Sometimes the initials don’t seem to correspond with the name. Typically that is because the acronym is from the Latin names. FSSP is the acronym for Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter. Huh? Well, in Latin it is Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri. :newidea:

I hope this answered things. You might also try the search box here or the encyclopedia tab at the very top of the page.

Do the Eastern Rite Churches that are in communion with Rome submit to the same apostolic succession as Roman Catholic? Is there an agreement with all who identifies as Catholic as submitting to the same Pope?

All the 23 Churches that make up the Catholic Church possess apostolic succession. However apostolic succession is also present among Churches not in communion with Rome and these also possess valid sacraments as well.Submit to the Pope is perhaps a under nuanced view of how some of the particular Churches that make up the Catholic communion fit within the Church. Some of the abbreviations like OBL and others you see indicate people belong to religious orders. OBL is short for oblate:-


They’re different branches of the same tree. So if if gets traced back all the way, you’ll find they all descended, as it were, from the original Apostles. For the most part, the Eastern Rites are autonomous. But if there was ever a serious disagreement, the Pope of Rome is the First among Equals, and his word is the final say. The Orthodox churches also have the same lineage, but they do not recognize the Pope of Rome as the head, and thus they are not in Communion with Rome. It gets complicated, and it’s way above my pay grade, to discuss the Great Schism and so on. Check out the Encyclopedia tab on top. Note the Encyclopedia is from 1910, and the mutual excommunications were lifted a few years ago, but it is more symbolic than practical.

Just to add to this both the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches have valid sacraments and apostolic succession (and thus validly ordained clergy in both cases) and a small number of other Churches also fall into this category who are not in communion with Rome at present.

You guys are just like us Protestants. :slight_smile:

Yes. We also consider the Eastern Orthodox as having valid apostolic succession and therefore a valid (and extremely beautiful) liturgy and sacraments, even though they do not recognize the Pope’s jurisdiction over them.

Yes, they are 100% Catholic. Same Church, same Faith. The differences are in liturgy and disciplines. not doctrine.

Except that we all believe the same thing. :wink:

When I discuss things on Catholic Answer Forums, is it incorrect to assume all with the title “Catholic” will submit and adhere to the CCC? I also assume that Orthodox Catholics identify themselves as Orthodox, correct?

No, the various rites are all Catholic.

What is the theological significance between those who identify as “Roman Catholic” and “Catholic”?

Yes, it is incorrect to assume that.

*Especially *on the hot-button topics like abortion, homosexuality, women’s ordination… There are a great many self-identified Catholics who place their own opinion above the teachings of the Church.


I don’t know exactly where the “Filioque” issue stands right now, and there may be a few other differences (i.e. defining purgatory) but yes, I believe the Eastern and Western Church would be in agreement with the statement of belief that makes up the Catechism. I don’t believe however that the Eastern Orthodox would put it in terms of “submitting” to anything. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe the OP is talking about individual people who may be dissenters. He means do Roman Catholics, Byzantine Catholics, etc, all adhere to the CCC.

The answer is “yes”, the various Rites share the common Faith of the universal Church.

The Orthodox are not in union with Rome. We are talking about Eastern Rite Catholic Churches.

Okay, I think I got it… Catholics, Roman Catholics = CCC. Orthodox or Eastern Orthodox, or Orthodox Catholic are not in full communion with Rome.

Catholic <> Orthodox.

I do not know what you mean by Orthodox Catholic. I do not know of any group that uses this name.

You do have to be careful with some schismatic groups that use the term “Catholic” in their name (Old Catholic, Polish Natonal Catholic Church, and a few others) that are NOT in union with Rome and use the name “Catholic” in a confusing way.

Catholic = the 23 Churches in communion with the Pope.

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