Why are such things allowed?

I am a protestant but have been “crossing over” for about 2 years - reading and studying. There are a lot of things I agree with in the Catholic church however, there are things that bother me. Like today. I went to a local church to spend an hour in prayer. I picked up the bulletin and as I was reading through it, I noticed an announcment about them having “The Secret” in the Library. The note said it wasn’t a book on spirituality, but contains tips for improving one’s approach to life. However, this book touts itself as containing teachings of all prophets, seers and saviors - plural!

I run into this a lot, where there are pagan or eastern religious material presented as OK for christians…I just don’t understand and it gives me pause. Why are things that could lead a person into spiritual idolatry or down a deceitful path promoted in this way?

Hi Teresa,

That gives me pause as well. There is simply no excuse for it. This certainly does not reflect Catholic teaching. You can be sure that the pope would react exactly as you have. It is a sign of the times. Fortunately, the Catholic Church has survived worse and will continue to do so.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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