Why are the homilies so boring

Why are the homilies so boring and not meaningful. Seems like the priests do not care about our growth


Plus they basically have to have homilies prepared every day, since Mass is celebrated daily.


The priest fills a special role in mass, in the liturgy of the word but especially in the Eucharist. In Protestant churches, the word (homily) is paramount. For us it is both the word and communion.

I see myself as the primary one responsible for my own spiritual growth. I hope for a good sermon, but if it isn’t, I can still reflect on the scripture passages slowly and thoughtfully and see what insights God might give me.

Also, there are amazingly gifted priests who have amazing gifts for speaking on YouTube. If you’re feeling a lack from Sunday sermons, dig into those. There are such riches there. I’m glad you’re dissatisfied; maybe God is stirring up a greater hunger for Him in you.

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Could be argued that some do not open their ears and hearts to receive the message.


Not at my parish


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I regularly hear relevant, interesting homilies, so I can’t agree that homilies are “so boring and not meaningful.” Even if the topics in a particular homily don’t seem to apply to your life, they may be just what someone else needs to hear.

I don’t get the sense that “the priests do not care about our growth.” Not every priest is a gifted homilist, but I have never met one who did not care about helping people grow closer to God.


Haven’t heard a good homily in a couple of years. But Mass isn’t about the homily.


We often have good homilies. Our priests are very good about explaining and open up the word of God to us. However we do have one deacon who is awful at homilies. He doesn’t give the homily very often anymore but when he does it’s very hard to follow.

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I find that I get more out of the homilies if I read and think about the Scripture readings beforehand.


Not my priest at Saint George Greek Orthodox Church.

Here’s a great RC homilist:



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A parish I go to sometimes the pastor always gives inspiring homilies. One of the priests just quickly summarizes the Gospel in about a minute or two. The pastor and this priest are always good naturedly poking fun at each other. The pastor one time read comments that the parish grade school students wrote about Mass as an assignment. One comment was that this priest was the fastest priest the student ever heard.

Watch some homilies by Sensus Fidelium to supplement the homilies you get from your local priest. Embed related are some of my favorites:

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Check out the homilies here by priests who celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass…

  1. Find another parish.
  2. Listen to homilies offered by good homilists online outside of Mass. Bishop Robert Barron’s homilies are really good.

It is my understanding that homilies aren’t required at daily mass.

This is such a generic statement. I listened in my life to many homilies, some were meh, some mediocre, some ok and some outstanding. Priests are human, they have different personalities and are more or less prone to public speaking. If you are so bothered by it why you don’t find close by a different parish with a good homilist?

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Homilies vary from priest to priest and sometimes even with the same priest depending on the day or topic. Also, the homily you may find boring may be just what someone else needs to hear that day. At the risk of sounding insensitive, the problem here may not be priests and their homilies, so that is also something to consider.


They aren’t. Most I go to though the priest will say a homily, not as long as on Sunday but still maybe 3-5 minutes long. Other times he doesn’t. The homily was largely implemented by Vatican 2. Before that, you wouldn’t necessarily even get one ever. Which is fine. Mass really isn’t about the homily. They really are just supposed to be reflections on the readings we just heard, but sometimes they go off on to these speeches where I feel perplexed what was just even said. Really, if it is a priest who has a very bad accent, the homily should not be required, because we won’t understand it anyways. Instead I’d rather just have it maybe in the bulletin where we can just read it, and then we can have more time so the priest aren’t using these other penitential act options and just say the Confiteor, or say a Eucharistic Prayer besides EP 2 which was only ever meant for weekdays. Seriously, on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, the EP should be EP1(The Roman Canon), or EP3.

Ours aren’t boring. They aren’t flashy or dramatic but they are solid, truthful and right to the heart of what we need to do and be as Catholics to get to heaven. Our priest talks about why what we have has only been loaned to us and we need to help others because WE WILL BE ASKED. He talks about the sins of artificial birth control, pornography, pride, gluttony, sloth, SS lifestyles. He talks about our prayer life and the time we give to prayer. He talks about hell being real and a real possibility. He talks often of us needing to go to Confession. He tells us that he teaches what the Church teaches and if he’s in error to tell him and he’ll correct it. He talks about Baptism, marriage . We get a solid true homily from him each week. And he also says homilies for 2 weekday Masses. THANK YOU LORD for Father M.


I feel sorry for you. I have yet to hear a boring Homily.
If you want to be entertained, go to a movie.
We are there to glorify and praise God.
Perhaps you need to examine why you attend Mass?
I shall pray for you. :pray::pray::pray:

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