Why are there different religions?

From an earthly perspective I understand that the reason is because different cultures and era started believing these thing but I mean why from a spiritual perspective?

I mean if the Muslims/Islam for example are wrong,then why does God give them a spiritual sense when they pray?
Or if it is not God that they are feeling when they pray, who/what is it?

Same goes for Buddhists or for people from new age religions-ie: when they meditate they have spiritual experiences or they have sensations of union with God (God in their viewpoint).

So if God is the Catholic God then why does he allow these other experiences to exist?

Obviously if a Muslim “senses” God(?) when they pray then wouldnt they think they are on to the ultimate truth and would not then believe in Jesus forgiving sins so why would God want this?

Is it that God WANTS different religions?

Maybe my understanding is simplistic but I really don’t get it.

Good 'ol free will

You know, you can get your Bible, and you can read where Saint Paul answered this.

I’m gonna go with the mother of all sins…pride.


Could you please elaborate?

Some experiences come from God, some from the devil. Here is a quote of a demon, or demons giving blissful experiences.

Sit like that meditating all day and all night without talking? A month? Two months? A year? I did it for over three years! For over three years I sat in that chair and went up into heaven and down into hell for 23 hours a day. What do you think would happen to someone that did such a thing? You go nuts. I had more voices in my head than you have on your local radio station. These voices would come with amazing powers. They could accurately predict the future. At times, they would tell me who was going to come into the dome several minutes before he arrived! They could give bliss. Seemingly they could do whatever your heart wanted. I remember one day walking from my dome to my bathhouse, when a voice came to me and said, “Step on that crack and I will give you bliss.” I immediately stepped on the crack. A blissful feeling came over me so strong that I collapsed onto the ground. I don’t know how long I lay there, startled, shining from the experience. What would you do with such a voice? I followed whatever it said to do. For a while, all seemed to go well. But then it started to scream at me and command me to do insane things like, “Bang your head on that wall. Again, harder.” Then the voices started to lie to me. They drove me completely nuts.

Locks, Gil. Coming Back to Earth: The Central Park Guru Becomes an Old City Jew (pp. 147-148). Mystical Paths eBooks. Kindle Edition.

But it’s not that every single experience outside of Christianity is demonic. As a matter of fact, probably lots of experiences INSIDE are demonic.

The best measure so far is humility and pride. If it leads to pride, self-deification, if the fruits are evil, it’s evil. If it leads to humility, if it’s good the fruits will allways be compassion, joy, and life.

Never fall for the “all religions and experiences are equal and from the same source” lie. It only brings death and spiritual desolation.

As one saint said - if you reject an experience because of the desire for Truth and for God, He will find in his goodness another way to talk to you.

The devil can appear as an angel of light

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What I don’t understand is that if not every experience outside of Christianity is demonic,then what is their source?

If the source is God,why wouldn’t he lead them to Jesus?

It makes sense that some spiritual experiences within Christianity/Catholicism itself would be from demonic source because satan has a greater “invested interest” in causing confusion,division and discord amongst Catholics so he would take a “greater interest” there.

Perhaps coming to God should be a journey whether it be at the level of the individual, the society or mankind in general.

The book of Revelation suggests there will eventually be the coming together that many would wish.

There are a few possibile explanations and theories. What experiences do you mean exactly? There is such a variety of them that specifiyng one source for all kinds of experiences is just impossible. Therefore you will never find an answer to all of those, but maybe to many of them you can, depends on the kind of experiences you a re interested in. As I said, the best measure is to see whether they lead to pride and are self-centered, or humility, and are God-centered.

We can’t know how people should be lead by God. We don’t know what’s best for them. Every path is different. Oftentimes a lot of hardships and confusions are needed for an individual to even look at what is best for them.

Maybe something like the Muslims experience.
Some Muslims seem like they have humility.
Ie:they pray in a certain way with hands out (or however) and they get comfort from these prayers or spiritual experiences.
If this is God too,then it would seem like he wants different religions because why would he respond to their prayers but not lead them to Jesus?

I don’t know if I’m being too simplistic?

In which sense does Revelations suggest there would be a coming together please?

I do believe if a spiritual experience leads to good, then it is from God … if it leads to evil then it is from the devil … we cannot say that spiritual experiences that cause people to blow up and kill others were from God.

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We are free. . .

Muslims profess belief in the Abrahamic God, so it makes sense to me.

But, Catholic teaching is that God can use others in other religions.
Even if we are the one true religion, we don’t have a monopoly on God. He can do whatever He wants.
There’s an idea that some can be members of the Church without being formally members.

God does not want different religions. He has revealed to us all that is necessary for our salvation. People do not recognize the truth, and not just in religion, for a host of reasons but one is grace and predestination. The Catholic version of the latter of course.

When God shows up and brings the whole thing to an end, creating His new kingdom.

The source is us. Our individual and collective humanity. Our thoughts. passions, desires, intellect, submission and learning and yearning for what we hold most dear.

This can lead to God but not necessarily and it is always a mix between God and what we happen to perceive of God at any specific time and place.

It is a journey I believe, individually and collectively.

That sounds interesting that people can be Catholic with formally BEING Catholic.

No,that’s for sure.
I mean more if someone prays according to their religion and gets feelings of deeper faith,love,guidance and so on.
These “good things” would seem to be from God (?) but why then would God deepen them in that faith/religion instead of leading them to Jesus if Jesus is the only way because he died for people sins (according to Catholic religion)?

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