Why are there "Gay Pride Parades" ?

Since these parades occur in public areas, what is their purpose? I have seen some video of such parades and am not sure what to make of them. Thoughts? What is their intention?


There purpose is the spread the dogma of how legitimate gayness is.:rolleyes: Why do you ask?

My opinion…just to show how prideful (not humble) and narcissist they are. But better way to draw even more attention to themselves.

In part to let people know there are other gay people in their community. this both provide support for other gay people within the community that may not have come out, and it also lets the rest of the community know that there are gay members within their community. So gay issues are now a little closer to home as opposed to only impacting anonymous other set of people out there.

I think they were originally to bring the gay community together and celebrate gay rights. Unfortunately, some gay people use it to act like hedonistic idiots from some of the photos I’ve seen. But I think there are more respectable gay people in them, if I’m not mistaken. I’ve never been to one but have seen pictures.

The reason I ask is because I worked with LGBT people in the 1970s and early 1980s. Privacy was everyone’s concern, especially “stay out of my bedroom.” Which was respected by all. When an employee decided to undergo “sexual reassignment surgery,” no one made a fuss. Now, privacy has been abandoned. The Advocate posts photos of the first LGBT person in some prominent position. What’s the point? We knew, back then, that there were gay people but there was not the slightest thought in my mind regarding what they did in private, and that they were entitled to their privacy.


This is how I understand it as well.

The same reasons that there were civil rights marches. By showing their unified presence, they are signaling strength where once there was weakness. They are making a statement that physical violence against them is no longer acceptable, nor discrimination in the workplace, in real estate, etc.

I think that now the LGBT community wants something else. They are trying to use Gay Pride Parades to create an awareness of homosexuality and portray it in a light that it will seem acceptable and try to legitimize and spread it.

They are trying to increase and expand any “rights” to this community, gay marriage, gay adoption, etc. and advocate, encourage people to join forces…sign petitions, vote their people in, vote others out. They encourage people to “come out of the closet”, get active, join support groups for their own and their families.

They realize there is strength in numbers. They even would like to get everyone else on board, people who are not LGBT, to be sympathetic to these positions.

I think they will also try to get rid of anyone, or anything, they see as getting in the way of these goals.

They can encourage the use of all kinds of tactics to “educate” people as to their ways, encourage this even from little (children, in schools and other places), work with laws, policies, to change everything to their “favor”.

They would like to join forces from city to city, and across the world, actually.

They can encourage the use boycotts, all kinds of ways to bring organizations, corporations, churches, to their knees if they refuse to cooperate.

This is a similar strategy to other marches, like for other kinds of equal rights. We would begin to associate the 2 in our mind, possibly, see it as Women´s Suffrage or rights for blacks or other minorities. They understand the advantages of organizing.

It´s a very powerful thing, works quite well.

They are doing a lot more than that.

Some want us to pay for sex-change operations and more, that the government pay for their “spouse’s” benefits to them… survivors, etc., etc., etc.

They can even try to shut down churches, who will not, say, adopt to a gay “couple”. They have actually been successful at this.

They encourage people to report “discrimination”, and even by just practicing one´s faith, it could now literally be considered as a “bigot”, prejudiced, when it´s apples and oranges.

It´s using propaganda, big time. They understand if people change the way they think, behavior will change, automatically.

So, they are focusing on what “Conversations with God” referred to as changing the “sponsoring thought”.

They know the way to change behavior is by changing thought. That´s what they are doing, and if this continues this way, it should actually work. It will bring a transformation about in thought and behavior, in all probability.

Advertisers, and others, know how effective propaganda is.

The evidence is that this is not their intention at all. A parade is not a speech, it is only a spectacle. Civil rights marches? There is zero comparison. Black people are speaking out against any such connection. christianpost.com/news/100-black-pastors-denounce-gay-rights-civil-rights-comparison-join-legal-fight-for-michigans-marriage-amendment-119816/

A young man wearing only a pair of briefs and women’s high heels is only making a statement about himself.


They can tell people to watch, and support, certain TV programs, certain books, certain candidates…and go against these programs, books, and candidates.

lol Yeah, that´s right!

The Parades themselves are the subject. I could post a list of all the LGBT organizations out there, but there is a problem and it can be solved.



This is textbook Psychological Warfare. The ‘enemy’ is the subject of a great many messages passed through the mass media to mislead, deflect, confuse and imply in order to change hearts and minds. Once people are aware of this, and actually read and understand what the Church teaches, such propaganda can be blunted.



I think there are several answers and motives. My understanding is that after spending most of their lives in hiding and repression, it feels good to go out and declare “I am a human being, and here I am.”

I understand their need to want to shed shame. Do I run down to watch? No. It doesn’t bother me as long as there is nothing seedy going on, and I imagine their might be some of that sometimes. Viewer discretion is most definitely advised.

These parades are cause for concern, because they are trying to promote something that is highly damaging to the fabric of society, though we might not even realize it.

They are a form of propaganda. Propaganda, if it is for something that isn’t healthy, is very dangerous.

It used to be that people felt a need to hide, realized on some level this was wrong. Now, they are trying to legitimize this, and that’s not okay.

Your statement seems very accurate.
I think in the beginning, perhaps, it was really meant to further acceptance and tolerance but from what i’ve seen of every gay pride event, whether it be in pictures or passing by one on the way somewhere was that people were just drinking and acting hedonistic, as you pointed out. I find that a lot of gay men are utterly lost in a lifestyle of partying, drinking, promiscuous sex, etc and my heart hurts for them.


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