Why are there several Catholic translations of the Bible?

Why are there several Catholic translations of the Bible? If one is more authentic than others why do the others exist? Are the translations close enough and hold to the integrity of what is authentic, then does it matter which Catholic Bible one uses? I am asking on behalf of woman in RCIA

As the expression goes: translation is more art than science. Even in modern languages translators will disagree on how best to translate certain expressions or local phrases. So you can imagine how difficult it is to translate ancient languages that followed completely different sentence structures and language rules.

Some translations attempt a more literal translation, which while accurate may be difficult to follow. Others will translate not so rigidly in an attempt to make the words more smoothly flow in modern language. Most try to navigate a middle road.

Even within those philosophies of translation certain preconceived notions can influence how someone translates. That is why there are certain “approved” Catholic translations that give some degree of certainty that non-Catholic prejudices are not present in the translation.

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