Why are there so many homosexuals?

I accept Catholic Church teachings on homosexuality, but I won’t pretend, sometimes when I think about it, there is something I find difficult to understand.

The issue I have is that there seem to be so many homosexuals around. It’s difficult not to study or work in a environment where there are at least some homosexuals.

Given that it’s unlikely that so many people would choose to be attracted to those of the same sex as them (it’s hard to believe anybody can choose what sex they are attracted to tbh), why would God create so many people with same sex attraction or at least, inclinations to it?

I know there is the argument that there is no proof of any gay gene, hence no proof people are created gay, but again, why would you choose to be attracted to somebody of the same sex, particularly in times past where it was seriously frowned upon, even by the state?

If you are a gay, you are not supposed to get married to someone of the same sex or have sex with them. It’s almost like God has burdened certain people with this same sex attraction that they now have to spend their life fighting, knowing that they can never act on it.

Sure, you could say that a heterosexual person goes through something similar, in so far as they are also not supposed to have sex with anybody before marriage and that can be hard, but they at least know they can do if they find somebody to marry. A homosexual cannot do that, and is therefore forced to fight that desire their entire life a bit like a priest, with the difference being that priesthood is optional.

I suppose this was part of the reason so many gay men were taken in by the Catholic Church, because they basically said, look, you’re gay, so if you can’t see yourself ever having any attraction to women, you should become a Catholic priest, as they aren’t supposed to have sex anyway, and there you will be surrounded by men who have to deal with the same issues of celibacy that you have to deal with. As it turned out, from some of the scandals we have seen, this is no easy task for some.


There aren’t. They make up a small portion of the population they just have influence far greater than their numbers should reflect.


I’m not saying they are in the majority, but there are still a lot. I mean, we’re probably talking in the millions at least. That’s a lot.


Who said attraction is a choice?


Well that’s the point I’m making. Why would you choose to be attracted to someone? That’s why I basically asked why God has created so many people with same sex attractions?

I wonder if there are more homosexuals in modern times as a percentage of the population or if the gay community is just more vocal and less fearful to speak out than it was 40 or 50 years ago.


It’s entirely possible that they are just more vocal now, but that would mean there were a lot of closeted homosexuals 50 years ago, we just didn’t know about them, obviously. So whether now or then, there seem to be quite a lot of homosexuals.

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Why do people say “God created “ homosexuals :woman_facepalming:?

God created people. We don’t know why people end up with attractions which are out of the norm. There’s some evidence of genetics, and there’s some evidence of environment.


Okay let’s use different language then.

God created people and people have attractions to other people. Many people have attractions to people of the same sex. Why is that the case? That’s my question.

Your answer is ‘we don’t know’. Okay, fine. I’m trying to find an answer to this though.

People have been trying to figure out the cause of homosexuality for a long time.
It seems to be a nature/nurture thing.


There might appear to be more now as people aren’t as scared as they used to be to identify as being gay.


Sure. It may have been dangerous to admit you were a homosexual 50 years ago. Now, it is probably an advantage.

Back then, you could lose your job, your family, everything, if the wrong people found out you were gay. So of course a lot of gay people were closeted. They had no choice.


I think it is very established that homosexuality is not a choice, but that doesn’t mean that it is innate/genetic. As far as I know the causes of homosexuality is unknown. Another problem is the expectation most people seem to have that male and female homosexuality should have the same or similar causes, which there of course is no reason to believe.

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Ironic how now you could find yourself in a similar position for not being ‘pro-gay’.

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It may be somewhat comparable to alcoholism.

  • It could involve both genetic and/or environment factors.
  • The causes of the condition may vary from one person to another. Perhaps we are really lumping together different conditions.
  • Both have varying degrees.
  • Some alcoholics and some homosexuals appear to have gotten out of that behavior. Fortunately helping alcoholics who seek change is still legal.
  • Objective unbiased research on alcoholism is still possible. Not for homosexuality.

So, why are there so many alcoholics?


I think that at this time, at least in the United States, true research about homosexuality is not possible.

This means that until researchers are allowed to act and report honestly–we will not know what causes a person to suffer from same-sex attraction. We will continue to perpetuate half-truths and outright lies about homosexuality.

Even the wording of my sentence above: “suffer from same-sex attraction” would be horribly offensive and enough to get me fired if I were a researcher, a journalist, a politician, a preacher, or any professional who has a public voice, or even from my current job in the hospital lab if I were foolish enough to voice it in public. Thank goodness CAF is anonymous.


In ancient Greece it is estimated that roughly 50% of the population practiced same-sex acts. While a small percentage of the population is exclusively attracted to the same sex, it is mostly a learned behavior and many/most/all people can adjust themselves to become bisexual.


I daresay they are outnumbered by consumers of pornography by an exponential factor. Do you want to question, based on sheer numbers, whether God intends for humans to be consuming pornography in a lust-addled haze too?

Satan and free-will have a large hand in what we think, do and say.


You can apply that to all sorts of defective situations. Why would you choose to be greedy? Or angry? Or lazy?

We all have inclinations towards doing the wrong thing. If we are Catholics, we don’t bleat that God made us this way, we thank God for the chance to better ourselves by overcoming our worst inclinations.

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