Why are there so many homosexuals?

This is simply outrageous. We have already had one forum member detailing the trauma she went through simply because of the fact that she was gay. And now you insist on dragging the conversation into the gutter by making active comparisons between homosexuality and child rape.

You should be ashamed.


I didn’t get angry, I got concerned.
Please cease and desist.

We ought to remind them the fate of Matthew Shepard.



Thanks for bringing this up.

I would disagree. Many people feel there is nothing wrong with engaging in these acts and some even think they are good. Many people also aren’t helpless and controlled by sexual desires or impulses. People do choose to engage in these acts even out of love sometimes

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Just as a heterosexual would be repulsed by the thought of gay sex, so would many homosexuals. Expecting them to engage in acts that repulse them is sickening

I’ve wondered about that myself. I’m assuming you are referring to gay men who find “gay sex” repulsive. It could happen.

I will phrase this as gingerly as I can, but trying to imagine for a moment, as a heterosexual male, what it would be like to have a homosexual orientation (the very thought is repulsive to me), one might feel the attraction, yet realize there is no way to actuate it physically, that isn’t sickening by its very nature.

I’m pretty confused at the idea of a gay person repulsed by imagining sex with someone of the same sex. It seems like that’s kind of the defining characteristic of being gay, no?

I can see being repulsed by a particular sex act, sure. It’s not like straight people don’t have particular things that don’t appeal to them. But saying “I’m gay but the idea of sexual contact with someone of the same sex grossed me out” seems like a contradiction to me.

All sex acts are choices. Most are learned behaviors which become habits.

I meant that it is sickening to expect a homosexual to get married and have a heterosexual relationship when heterosexual relations may be repulsive to him. Just as a heterosexual may find gay sex repulsive and would not want to engage, so a gay person may find heterosexual sex repulsive. Just because people got married to hide their homosexuality in the past does not mean it should be recommended just because it’s less sinful than homosexual relations.

I do not expect homosexuals to go ahead and marry someone of the opposite sex, and I don’t believe anything in my comments should be interpreted that way. It gives me no pleasure to have to say this, but if they are unalterably homosexual, and cannot (or simply do not wish to) become heterosexual — keep in mind that many people are bisexual, not exclusive hetero or homo — then they have to accept the cross of lifelong, unwanted celibacy. Some might choose to share the fact of their orientation, and others might just demur with comments such as “marriage isn’t for me”, a comment that should be taken at face value without speculation or goading the person to get married — “oh, come on, now, one of these days someone’s going to come along…” (Catholics would add “…if God wills it”). The mature, sensitive person should realize “their reason for staying single is theirs and theirs alone, it’s not in my place to ask about it, if they want me to know more, they’ll tell me, if it were a topic for discussion, they’d be the one to start the discussion”.

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This is an obvious statement but I’ll say it anyway - only if they are Catholic and want to follow the teaching of the Catholic church.

What? You are making God in your on image. Too many forget God is perfectly just.

I’m not, not even a little. You simply don’t like this argument because it shows that you if you can claim homosexual acts are okay if the two people are consenting, the same could be argued for pedophilia.

For the record, in case somebody wasn’t sure, I believe both are not okay.

Duly noted.

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Thank you @Pattylt for actually trying to answer my question, something others didn’t even attempt to do.

The reactions I have gotten were quite predictable. It’s an argument I have used previously (although not on this forum) and I know that it isn’t popular with the 'pro-gayers. They see homosexuality and pedophilia in the same post and are outraged that according to them, something as ‘normal’ as homosexual acts between adults, are being compared to acts of pedophilia. In their rage they fail to actually read and understand the argument, or they do understand, know they have no answer for it, so prefer to just say that I have an obsession with pedophilia or have take the conversation into the gutter.

You see, you even say it yourself. This is an argument I’m sure pedophiles would happily push. Kids are maturing faster, so surely they can consent to sex faster. This will be an argument to lower the age a child can engage in sex. It’s already different in different countries. Some children are extremely intelligent at the age of 10 or 11, probably more intelligent than many adults. Children in some countries work and are independent before they are in their teens. If they can do that, why wouldn’t they be allowed to have sex?

So you see, there are so many reasons given to normalise pedophilia, just as reasons are given to normalise homosexual acts between adults. I am not saying the two are the same, but the same logic can be used. Two gay adults can have sex because they are knowledgeable enough about it to consent to it and are not harming anyone. It’s none of your business right?

The same argument can be made for sexual acts between an adult and a 10 year-old child, if it’s deemed children at that age are, as you put it Abrosz, mentally mature enough at that age to be eligible to have sex. Then a 10-year-old child will not be considered a child anymore, and it will be acceptable. Of course I disagree with such logic, but it can quite easily be applied.

I find it laughable that somebody who supports homosexual relations is trying to take the moral high ground with me. I actually don’t believe you have even tried to understand my argument, you’ve just seen homosexuality and pedophilia mentioned together and become extremely enraged.

Nothing to add to this.

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It’s a shame too many people who profess to love God are not.

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Two aroused people who consent to perform a homosexual act are in kind no different than two anxious people who consent to suck on each others thumbs.

The “itch” is scratched, the pain relieved (for awhile) but no good can come of it. The suckers deform their lower jaws and narrow their palates.

Love, willing good for the other, has nothing to do with either act. Selfish pleasure for the sole sake of pleasure motivates both. Such acts are called acts of hedonism.

Of course, the aroused masturbater parallels the one who quells his anxiety by sucking his own thumb.

Exactly right. That’s what love is.

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