Why are there so many homosexuals?

Two first atheists live on an island with limited resources. What stops them from murdering each other?

Some religious people can not seem to imagine that humans have an innate sense of morality. If it isn’t objective, the object being God, no one would have any sense of morals or how to apply them. Long before God delivered His Bible, people had moral behavior and developed laws to enforce moral behavior.

I’m fine when people claim that God wrote these morals into our heart as long as they understand that even without Gods writing, we would develop moral behavior. Pity the poor people that can not read…how ever would they know that killing is immoral!

Whether you agree with objective morality or subjective morality, our species behaves with morality in focus.

I would argue that most people don’t murder other people because they wouldn’t want to be murdered or live in a society where murder is acceptable.

Even non-believers piggyback on God’s laws.

There are many largely nonreligious societies with low murder rates.

Worth reading:

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

“Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.” George Washington

Benjamin Franklin , Signer of the Declaration of Independence “[O]nly a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”
“Whereas true religion and good morals are the only solid foundations of public liberty and happiness . . . it is hereby earnestly recommended to the several States to take the most effectual measures for the encouragement thereof.” Continental Congress, 1778

Well, as far as developed modern countries go, violence in America is rather high. It is also one of the most religious.

I recommend this book for a thorough examination of the decline in violence:

There are plenty of homosexuality-supporting writings around nowadays. No need to go to the library to get another one, especially one that purports to expound something it calls “queer science”.

Why are there so many homosexuals?

Well you see… San Francisco…

They have an assembly line where they come out of the factory.


How many developed nations are there?

So very true.

So why on earth would we push transgender or homosexual acts at developing brains? It is child abuse.

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You can easily look up the stats if you’re not afraid of them challenging your narrative.

Very true, the brain is not fully matured (something about the prefrontal cortex) until the young person is around age 25. I’m sorry, this may step on some toes, and I fully realize that the Church permits marriage much younger, but I really don’t think anyone should get married until they are at least 21, or better yet, 25 or afterwards. Especially with the demands of today’s world, there’s just not enough maturity there.

I realize there are exceptions, and I realize this is older than has been historically and traditionally considered the optimum age range for marriage. And as someone who is traditionalist on general principles (not just religion), I don’t blithely “blow off” accumulated wisdom and knowledge from time immemorial to the present day. But I humbly submit that this is one area — maturity measured by brain development — that we simply didn’t know about until fairly recent times.

I’d also rethink the whole matter of older military officers and politicians sending young people into war at an age where they think they are immortal and often do not really comprehend what “dead” means. But then again, I’m pretty fond of Paul VI’s plea to the United Nations, “no more war, war never again”.


That seems to be current. It runs against God’s reproductive design. I submit in the past maturity and responsibility were present at a much younger age.

Yes, the reproductive design is there, but for reasons we don’t fully understand, brain development comes later. Perhaps nature intends that we reproduce before we’re fully mature enough to understand fully what we’re doing and what we’re getting ourselves in for. Perhaps it’s our task to be self-aware enough to know “I could do this, but I’m not mature enough yet”.

Mine is an extreme example, but I was 46 when my only son was born. I am able to bring a lifetime of learning and life experience to our present homeschooling adventure, and my son’s life is richer because of it. I retired a few years before people normally do, though with COVID-19 making homeschooling extremely desirable, coupled with duties to my elderly parents, if I had not retired four years ago, I would be retiring now. I am able to be a full-time father and a full-time teacher.

People, please do not wait until you are 46 to have children. Again, it’s an extreme example, a long story, but my case is “too far in the other direction”. Thankfully I’ve made up my mind to live until I’m 100 :slightly_smiling_face: :one: :zero: :zero:

Yeah, I saw that last night on How It’s Made!


It is to be anticipated that persons are drawn in the direction of their inclinations. This is not a deep observation nor an argument that something is good or acceptable or anything else.

Bear in mind that “mental illness” is a matter of definition. We don’t know whether the cause or underpinnings of homosexuality is psychological.

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