Why are there so many homosexuals?

Excellent analogy, thank you.

And some gay leaders such as Peter Tatchell were indignant at the suggestion that homosexuality could be genetic, arguing that it should be considered a free an acceptable choice.

But anyone can easily be greedy or angry or lazy. How easy would you find it to be gay?

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Actually I m not greedy and seldom lazy. I have other vices to fight.

  • I doubt if a gay magazine would even ask this question today.
  • I wouldn’t make the assumption that behavior based on a genetic component cannot be modified…or that behavior based on environment can be modified.
  • Christians should avoid any language, or assumptions, that state or imply homosexual orientation is a “choice” or “lifestyle”.
  • We have no more control over our early childhood environment than over our genes.

Do you query why Gos creates people with medically adverse conditions? Alcoholism? Why so many die on the roads?

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It could also be a ‘fad’. I recall hearing (from somewhere) that ‘children’ of homosexual parents are 70% more likely to identify as ‘gay’. Whether they are or aren’t we wouldn’t know for sure.

But really a lot of times teens or young adults ‘come out’ to try and act brave , when really they may be going through some mental, spiritual or psychological issues(like a lot of kids at that age) and need healing and probably a listening ear.

Just because i like someone the same gender as me does not equate to being sexually attracted to them , herein may lie a problem

its complex i understand but this is one aspect i propose


The absence of naturally arising inclination to the opposite sex (In some people) is more interesting to contemplate…and I’ve never heard a persuasive argument to explain it.

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I’ve read that homosexuals make up 3-4% of the population. Not sure if that counts as “so many”. If you go by Hollywood you would think that half the population is homosexual. It’s a distorted projection and not reality. As others have said, they are a very vocal minority of people who have been very effective at lobbying for themselves.


The first yes, the latter two no, because they are things dependent on your actions.

I don’t know.

But I found it very easy to have opposite-sex attraction.

Sure but that’s considered normal.

Not to nitpick, but why put the word “children” in quotations? If a person biologically causes a child to be brought forth, or if they legally adopt, they are the parent, and the child is their child. If that person is homosexual, that is beside the point, they are still the child’s parent. Even if a homosexual goes ahead and marries a person of the opposite sex — whether that other person is heterosexual or homosexual — and has children with that person, are they any less the “parent” because of their orientation? In times past, homosexuals very often would go ahead,marry someone of the opposite sex, and have a family, even if it wasn’t their orientation, because society expected it. The generative act isn’t difficult to perform even if it’s not in your nature to perform it.

Please don’t take this as advocacy of gay marriage and adoption of children into that marriage, however, nobody utters a peep if people in invalid and even adulterous heterosexual “marriages” either bear or adopt children. I’m not crazy about seeing children grow up seeing their parents invalidly married and thinking “that’s okay”. In the interests of full disclosure, I am forced by law to send my own son into that kind of household from time to time (split custody, though he is with me practically all of the time), I have taught him that it is a mortal sin to live in an adulterous “marriage”, and he understands this.


Back then it wasn’t openly supported or accepted as it seems to be now. I watch many of the OLD movies on TCM. When I look up some of the actors/actresses lives to see their backgrounds I am often surprised to find out many were homosexuals and that in their close circles it was known. But they could not publicize it because their careers would have immediately tanked because of it being known. Many, to hide the fact,were even married to someone of the opposite gender so everything looked right to the public. They couldn’t risk losing their fan base or their money… Today there is no t the loss of job, money, social standing, etc. to it being known publically. Look at the laws being passed, no one can be discr minated because they are homosexual so they are at no disadvantage for coming out. It has always been around but now it can just be spoken of more publically.


That’s true . They are the children of the parents .

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Since the pill came into common use, women have been peeing synthetic estrogen into our water systems. Like for most of their life, and everybody. Who today hasn’t been on the pill for years? Then we add the high use of plastics that contain synthetic hormones. We eat and drink from containers made of this stuff. Milk jugs, by goodness! Our landfills are loaded with plastics that leach hormones into the water systems.

These things have an impact on our health and on our babies in the womb, and as they are growing.

There is no motivation to do a study because we want our girls to be on the pill from their teens, and we want our plastics for their convenience. No reason to tie the pollution of hormones to homosexuality because it’s perfectly normal and has been around before the pill and before plastic. So no attention at all to this particular pollution. Keep a lid on it and we’re all happy. Nothing to see here.


Generally speaking, chemical pollution is probably affecting all of us in disturbing ways. It’ll take decades to assess the damage.

Concerning homosexuality, Fraternal birth order has been shown to affect sexual orientation too. It’s an interesting study and there’s still much to learn.

I really doubt that this is what convinces guys that they should join the priesthood.


You would think that water purification measures would be robust enough to get rid of trace amounts of hormones and other medications that people excrete, but possibly not. It would be interesting to see if these side effects vary if a person drinks nothing but well water, or water produced through desalination. Still, though, purified water is used to produce foodstuffs that have a liquid component. And the plastics, well, the genie is probably already out of that bottle. Our household is a very aggressive recycling household — I’ve seen to that — and our landfill garbage is very minimal as a result. Almost all plastic, glass, and cardboard goes straight to the recycle bin.

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Replace the work Homosexual with the word Liar. Ask the question, why are there so many liars? Are people are born liars? No, people become liars.

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