Why are these sins such a big deal?

Sometimes I think the only sin that exists is either being judgmental or doing anything sexual in nature. Are there any passages in the bible that provide evidence for why these sins receive SO MUCH ATTENTION? ISN’T GREED A SIN? What about IGNORING THE POOR? What about VANITY? I am pretty sure stinginess, being rude, DISRESPECTFUL TO CUSTOMER SERVICE (lol, I had to add that in, people yell at workers as if they are not people). WAITTRESSES MAKE MISTAKES. Do not get me wrong, Being judgmental is wrong, and sexual sins are wrong too. I feel like people try to deny or ignore the intensity of sexual sins, and make it seem like being judgmental is the absolute capital offense. I understand we should always pay attention to our own sins the MOST and Jesus got on the Pharisees as well. God did not call us to be blind. Is it bad that I notice a sin in another person? I am very aware my own sins, I think it is foolish to pretend that others do not sin. Sometimes it is hard to give an honest opinion, because I fear I am being “judgmental.” Even if I were being judgmental, and need to be corrected THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NAME-CALLING. Didn’t God tell us to be gentle, not harsh when correcting others? Everyone thinks they know God, yet WHY DO OUR BELIEFS CONFLICT SO MUCH THEN?

Well, being rude to waitresses and customer service people is definitely wrong. Anyone who deals with the public can expect to be called names. When it happened to me, my practice was just to let it go over my head as if it were a passing moth. And really, being nice to customer service people (including waitresses) is more beneficial than being rude. It even works the other way. I’ve had people call me names and cuss, and I would just continue to explain things calmly. Eventually the other person would calm down or even apologize.

Really, for anyone who deals with the public, you have to adopt a sense of detachment. Don’t take anything personally.

Here are the seven deadly sins and the seven cardinal virtues:

Vice Virtue
Lust Chastity
Gluttony Temperance
Greed Charity
Sloth Diligence
Wrath Patience
Envy Kindness
Pride Humility

It is all in The Catechism. Do you have a Catechism?

It is the obsession with other people’s sexual sins which is the problem. People ignore stealing and lying but obsess about sex. Stealing comes before adultery in the Ten Commandments but everyone is more lenient with people they know who are stealing time or things from work or filing false tax returns. How about not respecting parents? People should pay less attention to the sexual sins of others and more attention to following the rest of the Ten Commandments.

I think because they are so obvious. People commit sins of many different degrees and variety, but the easiest one to pinpoint is always a sexual sin. Think about it-what is probably the most broken commandment? I would say it is not putting God first. Most of us have many, many other gods (including self). But you have to do a lot of soul searching before you finally come to that conclusion. Coveting is another one and we frequently don’t even realize we are doing it.

Sexual sins usually have the biggest consequences. There are also many dimensions of sexual sin, each that come with its consequence, too.

Yes you are right about this. I think people are obsessed with people being judgmental as well. Everyone knows judge not lest you be judged. I am sure the bible says less about sex and judgmental-ism than most people expect. Gossip is a common sin. Sexual sins are more scandalous. Stinginess is a common sin. Lying, cheating, laziness, worrying/complaining, being ungrateful. There are multitude of sins, once people think mortal sin we think sex. Being judgmental is a very ugly trait and sin. I do not think it is the end of the world. Nor do I think it makes the person altogether “bad.” Maybe I have gotten this way because I just notice people overreact to someone judging another person. I have heard it so much, it almost does not phase me.

I agree with that. I think the tongue is pure evil. I REGRET SO MANY BAD THINGS I have said in anger about others to their face or behind their back. I wish I could go back and take back a lot of what I said. I have many to apologize. The tongue is truly a sword. Jesus is always right. Revenge is another very ugly sin. Wanting revenge, plotting it, wishing ill on others. God is so merciful. I love God so much.

Yes. I am guilty as well. It is humbling to see how wrong and sinful you are. I do not even think of coveting as a sin. Of course i agree it is a sin. I do it without thinking though.

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