Why are thoughts and feelings considered sinful?


I have never cared or felt that much of a connection to anyone.


I’ve always been the same way. It wasn’t until my reversion and taking my spiritual life seriously that I began noticing a change. I often still have to make a conscious effort to “think” about others though. I’m a work in progress…


Why do you think it is important though?


Because, as a Catholic, “mankind is my business”. I can do a lot of good without having a connection to people, or I can do good because I’m informed that the particular action is the right action. But we aren’t meant to be moral robots. Christ weeps at the death of Lazarus, and that tells me connection is important. Some people are naturally empathic; I am not one of those. My gifts and charisms are elsewhere, but that doesn’t excuse me from cultivating my deficient areas and asking God’s grace and light to help me become more like Christ.


How do you think prayer helps mankind if we still operate under free will and we cannot change the past? Please pray for me. I have difficulty believing prayer changes. Pray for my family. Pray for me to forgive others, myself, etc. I cannot find peace. I still cringe and feel bad like did I really have to say that. I feel bad for how dismissive i treated some people’s issues. Like did I really have to be so self centered. Like why didn’t I take heed to good advice. I take advantage and for granted those I love the most. Please pray for me to have the strength to change. I’ve been struggling with suicidal tendencies. I’d rather not burden my family with. I have neglected caring for myself. I’m either getting lazier because I have given up or my depression is worsening. Please pray for me.


I have dealt with cringing because of my mistakes as well… So I will definitely pray for you.
Father, remove this curse in Jesus name. You died to break the curse amen.


I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself. Believe me that the Lord doesn’t see you as you see you. I will definitely pray for you and your family. Explaining the mystery of prayer is well above my pay grade but I’ve experienced it’s efficacy. In fact, when I get depressed one of the thoughts that helps is to think of all the consecrated religious who pray for the world day in and day out.


Everyone has a cross to carry. It is difficult for me to believe we are all equal. Some of us struggle with confidence while others do not. In all this variety, it is difficult for me not to compare myself to others. If Sarah can easily forgive someone for cheating on her and I cannot, am I less of a Christian? If Jesse can easily discuss and argue religion without feeling offense and I cannot, am I less of a Christian?
If someone can decipher through harsh words or the honesty behind an insult, I struggle with that, I cannot.
Are sensitive people worse because they feels slights more? Maybe to others they are vain and have big egos because they cannot easily argue lively and let it go.


Remember where St. Paul talks about the fact that we’re all members of the same body, and that one part can’t say to another “I don’t need you”? Just because we don’t always recognize our place doesn’t mean we don’t have one, one that can’t be filled by anyone else. And a cross isn’t something we just have to live and suffer with, it’s something that ultimately will bring us closer to Christ. Perhaps not in a way that’s always comfortable.

Maybe think about your strengths and your virtues, your talents. Ask the Lord how you can use those for His work.


Good answer. Later in life I decided to smarten up and do some tests on myself regarding this question. Whenever something evil would pop up in my mind, it may run to the introduction stage(if that’s what you call it, :grin:), then I would simply say “No guile” and then shift my thoughts. (This is because I recall Christ said St. John whom he loved was without guile.) When I first started, the “intro” was long as I became entertained. Then the time to snap out of it became shorter and shorter. So this works for me. Once years ago, I asked a priest on how to handle such thoughts. He said to say “Jesus,Mary and Joseph help me”. That too may work for someone.


Prayer changes me. It changes my heart and my attitude.

I cannot have a relationship with God, my Father or with Jesus, my Savior if I do not talk to them.


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