Why are we not....


Raising the dead and doing what JESUS says that we could do and more? Why are we not healing the sick? Why are people dying from illnesses when JESUS bore all of our sickness and disease?
Do you know the truth of who you really are?


Jesus heals/ed and raised the dead.

Yep, I know who I am. Do you know who you are?:thumbsup:


yeah, and finding out more and more everyday!:thumbsup:


Jesus did NOT take up our sickness and disease, as you say. He took on the ultimate punishment of our sin, which is eternal death of the soul. The charismatic gifts are still present in the church, but we are NOT God and shouldn’t expect for everyone to have the same potency as God.


Never said anything about being GOD but a child of GOD.Why is it people can accept their own children having their traits and gifts but when it comes to you being a child of GOD people can not accept having his traits and gifts?

I don’t know about anyone else but JESUS is my example!
Anything he has done I can do because its through him I can do them.


your logic is flawed by faulty extension. Human’s only have one nature, so our entire nature is passed on to our offspring. However, we are SPIRITUAL children of God, but not DIVINE children of God… therefore we are limited. A better analogy might be a wrist watch… we created it, so why can’t it write an opera?


Well said!:clapping:


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good answer!
Why are you limited? What did JESUS mean in john 14; 12-14?
What has he revealed unto you that we are limited?

who does your spirit say you are?

"Well said! Clapping"
Feels like Im on a game show! LOL!


Good answer?

I asked you a question.:confused:

Maybe you were not talking to me. I am testing modes here. I am in linear I think.:o


Hey ,“Hellisreal”

Wow! what a name? I see that you look surprised! LOL!
As I continue to learn and I will hopefully be able to do those things in His name before I leave this earth.

Don’t be so surprised, YOU"LL BE AMAZED OF WHAT YOU CAN DO IN HIS NAME!!! Remember, its not you doing it but him!

Ask him to reveal the truth on to you.


I am amazed at what I can do in his name. I have no illusions that I will be raising dead people or being scourged and crucifyed or a whole lot of other things…

Have you walked on water yet?


oh,sorry "HELL"
yes, anything that he allows me to.
the more my faith grows I’ll do what he allows me to.

“Good Answer” comment was not for you.


in other words, why aren’t happened in Acts happening now?
I presume you have your own explanation
could I ask what background are you from, storm807?

there are many theories about why the miracles of Acts aren’t seen as widely as we might think they should be
are we in the period of the latter rain? perhaps we are not?

some would say that it is a fault in ourselves. possible, but I find that another way to justify fundamentalism


The water thingy is a little tricky, needs tons more faith for that one!

By the way, what do you feel you are capable of doing in his name?


Oh, false alarm. I thought you said you were already doing all these things.

Why would he limit you to just some things?

Are you asking him if you can raise the dead? Did he tell you no?

Do you know of anyone who has done it?

I know I seem to be asking a lot of questions here. But you sound like you have the answers.


Why my background?

I go by what my spirit feels and so far, He has been showing me a lot of things in which I never thought of.
I am not saying that I am JESUS or GOD in which some are taking it as but I am clearing saying that we can accept everything about GOD accept his Powers he allows us to have Through JESUS.
You ever dreamed of GOD reaching his hand down and holding yours? You ever dreamed that JESUS asked you to sit down on hi sright hand and show you what he told me was the old word written in old hebrew?
Have you ever dreamed of Sitting down talking to JESUS across from each other?
You ever hear a voice so close to your ear call your name that it sound like it came from within you?
You ever see a man in all white walk past you and look directly into your eyes?
You ever stand next to a ball of energy so strong that you pray so hard that he materialized as Jesus just to show that he is here when you call? He let me touch the 2 right fingers on his right hand.
You ever dreamed of a brilliant white light coming down on you covering you completely and trying to shield your eyes with your hands but the light is so bright it shines right through them?
you ever dream that you saw the face of Christ only a few feet away from your face and when you woke up the face was still there?

Plan and simple, the biggest illusion is that you are seperate and apart from GOD.
the only thing that seperates you from the spiritual world, YOUR 5 SENSES! Renew the mind!

Going to lunch now,starving!


Why is this in the apologetics forum?

I am not sure what challenge the poster is presenting to the Catholics here:confused:


The poster is talking about faith and the power of faith.


I thought apologetics forums were for posters to challenge Catholic beliefs, practices, ect.

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