Why are we punished for the sins of Adam and Eve?

Why did God give a sinful nature to all humans? We didn’t chose to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden; only Adam and Eve made that choice.

I would encourage you to read Theology For Beginner by Frank Sheed.

In his treatise on evil (De Malo 4, 1), St. Thomas explains:

We can consider particular human beings in two ways: in one way as individual persons; in the second way as members of a community. And acts can belong to human beings in both ways. For example, acts that human beings do by their own choice and by their very selves belong to them as individual persons. And acts that are not done by their own choice or by their very selves but by the whole community or by the majority of the community or by the ruler of the community belong to human beings as members of the community.

Just so, we say that the political community does what the ruler of the community does, as the Philosopher says. For we reckon such a community as if one human being, so that different human beings with different functions are united as if different members of the same natural body, as the Apostle points out in I Cor. 12:12 regarding members of the church. Therefore, we should consider the whole population of human beings receiving their nature from our first parent as one community, or rather asone body of one human being. And regarding this population, we can indeed consider each human being, even Adam himself,either as an individual person or as a member of the population that originates by physical descent from one human being.

And we should consider that God had bestowed a supernatural gift, namely, original justice, on the first human being at his creation. And by that original justice, that human being’s reason was subject to God, and his lower powers subject to his reason,and his body to his soul. And God had given this gift to the first human being both asan individual person and as a source of the whole human race, namely, that he transmit the gift to his posterity by physical descent. And the first human being, when heby his free choice sinned, lost the gift in the same habitual condition in which he received it, namely, for himself and all his descendants. Therefore, the privation of this gift extends to all of his descendants, and so the privation is transmitted to them in the way in which human nature is transmitted.

(Trans. Richard Regan; Ed. Brian Davies. Oxford Univ. Press 2001)

=Sky River;11369144]Why did God give a sinful nature to all humans? We didn’t chose to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden; only Adam and Eve made that choice.


What God DID DO is give us a FREEWILL, Intellect and a mind which are permnantly attached to our Eternal -Souls. [Which is HOW we emulate our God [Gen. 1:26-27]

Isaiah 43: 7 & 21
“And every one that calleth upon my name, I have created him for my glory, I have formed him, and made him & This people have I formed for myself, they shall shew forth my praise”

This is the Precise reason man exist!

Because God is perfect; God DESIRES “perfect love” be returned to Him for the PERFECT LOVE HE SHOWS AND GRANTS TO ALL OF US. Only love FREELY GIVEN can be perfect.:thumbsup:

The answer to your question is:

Without Adam and Eve we would NOT exist. They are our “parents.” Becuase of the SERIOUSNESS of their freewill choice; which was a DIRECT AFFRONT to God; desiring like Satan di to ACTAULLY BE GOD. Is was no mere eating an apple or a simplistic act: they ATTACKED the Soveriginity of God directly, and personally. This is SOOO GRAVE as to MERIT God’s responce which HE LATER OFFERS A SUITABLE alternative too; BECAUSE of his PERFECT Goodness. OT circummission and NT the sacrament of Baptism. GOD DID NOT HAVE TO DO THAT:thumbsup:

Satan inveneted Sin and Adam and Eve “brought it” willingly and freely. There existence in the garden was, SHORT of being God, PERFECT in every way without ANY wants or needs.

Sin is MANS freewill choice and GRACE exist because of God’s Merciful love for us:thumbsup:

God Bless you,

You also have to see it see from a non biblical, theological stance. At our jobs that might say don’t do x, y, and z because people have done it and were not going to put up wit it. Adan and Eve were the first people and unfortunately they messed up, so now we must pay for those consequences.

We weren’t given a sinful nature by God. God created humans beings to be good, but he also gave them the free will to decide to obey him or not obey him, the ultimate penalty being death for disobedience.

When Adam and Eve sinned they lost God’s saving grace, bringing death to themselves and their descendants. You cannot pass down to your children what you don’t have.

So, all of us bear the stain of original sin until we are baptized. And even then what we lost cannot be completely restored to us in our lifetime. We all have the tendency to sin because our natures were corrupted, so we are inclined to sin instead of doing what is right, our intellects were darkened so we can’t always determine on our own what is right, and our will to do what is right was weakened.

Adam and Eve lost these things. Christ restored them in the sacraments in which we cooperate with God’s grace to make us holy once again.

:thumbsup: OP, that book is AWESOME at hepling us to understand our natures. It really helps put things into perspective.

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