Why Are We So Afraid? To Be Afraid of Hell

From the National Catholic Register.



Thanks for sharing this article.Based on the Gospel today,our priest( newly ordained and all of 27years of age) gave an excellent homily on the reality of Hell. My first thought was"Gee,I haven’t heard a homily like this in years"

It became very unfashionable in the RCC to preach about the reality of hell for many years. I certainly never heard mention of it in CCD. I believe it was Pope John Paul II who said in one of his books that we must not forget about it. It’s ugly, and we don’t have to like its existence, but Christ Himself spoke of it, along with many of the apostles and saints… so we do need to contemplate its impact on our individual faith journey.

I liked the term in the article, “mercenary fear.” I imagine that refers to the stage of faith where we obey God simply because we want to go to heaven, and not out of true adoration.

There is no reason to be afraid of Hell because the Gospel makes it quite clear that God is loving, compassionate and forgiving.

If someone dies in a state of mortal sin and goes to Hell, and subsequently realizes how horrible being completely separated from God in Hell is and wants to repent, is God really going to refuse them? Of course not.

Anyone who is or will be in Hell will be there of their own free will, and if they remain there for eternity they will remain of their own free will. Why be afraid of something that would only happen if you want it to happen?


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