Why are wealthy men paying women to be Financial Dominatrix's

I don’t know this world is coming to.

I don’t know if this woman is a one off,and I hope she is, but I read the below article where wealthy men are playing some twisted “psychological game” to let her/very beautiful women take control of their money and she has made $1 million in cryptocurrency.

They get some sort of twisted sexual pleasure by giving her control of their money.

I find this really sad and horrible and wish these men would give their money instead to help homeless people,illness charities,medical research and so on…

This can’t be a true story. Financial dominatrix must mean new word for con artist.

“Here strange lady, have access to my money!”

Findom isn’t new. Financial Dominatrixes do this all over.

It’s absolutely a true thing. I listen to a podcast that explores the weirder side of the web and this, and similar weird things, have come up before.

People are weird, man, weird beyond imagination sometimes.

I guess I’m naive. I’ve never heard of this before.

Okay, I thought there must have been some weird typo in the thread title .
There is not.
I’m pretty sure I’m not old enough to read this article.

*goes off in search of Brain Bleach

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