Why are you a Protestant - Radio Discussions

Trent Horn on Catholic Answers Live are asking why people are Protestants. Could be an interesting program.

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That’s part of a series of shows with Trent. Others are ‘why are you an atheist’ and why are you pro choice?’

I am a Protestant because I believe the Augsburg Confession is true. Anyway, I am sorry I missed the show, maybe I will listen to it later.

Well, I couldn’t disagree with your conclusion more, but I do admire your reasoning. The only reason to believe anything is that it’s true. Well said. :thumbsup:

How do you know that it is true?

How do we know that anything is true? We have to base our “faith” on what others say.

Thanks, Johnny. I didn’t realize that. I normally listen to EWTN radio in the afternoon and hadn’t heard this one before. Thanks for the heads up and will look for it again!

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Because they are all drawn from the scriptures and unswervingly declare the saving truth of the gospel.

And according to whose interpretation?

If the Augsburg Confession is true, then the Variata version signed by Calvin has to be more true or less true than the unaltered version. And that goes with all the other churches including the CC and Orthodox and so on. So why do you think that this 16th century confession is “better” than all the others? (I am assuming you chose the “better” one) All of them also claim scriptural support and salvation power. Moreover the CC/Orthodox claims apostolic history since Day 1 the Church started which Protestants do not claim (mostly). So the question is why not the others? What is the compelling reason to choose this one and not the others?

But “faith” does not determine whether it is true or not. It only determines your belief.

Sure. The altered Augsburg confession is less true because it’s error regarding the Eucharist. That’s why all Lutherans accept the unaltered one today. All the other confessions are less true because they error somewhere along the line.

Ours. Who else’s interpretation would we have?

Amen. You’re quite right. They also put the Law and its third use in it’s proper place, without mingling the message of the Gospel with the message of the Law. Our Confessions are more closely aligned not only to Scriptures but also to the message of the Early Church Fathers ( Catalogue of Testimonies) and Early Christian tradition ( naturally subordinated to Scripture).

Exactly, nor is Dr. Martin Luther responsible for those added sects that broke away from Roman hegemony. Apparently the Lutheran Reformers weren’t the only ones who took issue with some of the Holy See’s actions and doctrine in the sixteenth century.

So the early church erred somewhere along the line? Which line and which error? Details please.

And you are preserved from error? According to?

The universal jurisdiction of the Roman pope is a major one, I think the Orthodox recognized that error as well.

And you are preserved from error? According to?

I don’t understand the question.

In your church, who was authorized to declare that an error? How was that determined to be an error? Please try to keep your justification per you church rather than that of others. Surely you didn’t form your doctrines based off doctrines of others who you already admitted are not error -free?

I don’t understand the question.

Is your unaltered Augsburg Confession divinely protected from error? On whose authority? How was that communicated to your founder(s)?

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