Why are you here at CAF?


Well? Why are you here at CAF?

I am Catholic and want to share my faith with others.:slight_smile:


I originally came because there were issues that I needed to resolve about the Catholic church. I didn’t find any resolution here.



i am Catholic… just looking for a place to increase my knowledge about Catholicism and try to be a better Catholic…

Dominus Vobiscum


I want to learn more of what Catholics believe from their own perspective, instead of rely on those who would cast them in a bad light. To learn what others beleive it is always best to go to them instead of rely on what others would tell you since there may be a real bias held if we rely on what others tell us about beliefs they do not hold.


I am here to fellowship with other Catholics and to learn more about my religion. :slight_smile:


“Other”: To ask some questions, answer what I can, share my own experiences, be enlightened by others, defend my faith, and enjoy fellowship.


I am in RCIA, and am raising my children to be Catholic. I am here to learn more about my religion, and to share the positive force the Holy Three have had on my life.


I voted for these two reasons. I am Catholic and want to chat with other Catholics. I am solid in my Christian faith and want to chat with other Christians.


I am here to get answers and to share answers.


I voted because I am Catholic and want to chat with other Catholics that way I can learn more about my own faith…

I also said other. Other meaning that I started here looking for ex-JWs who could help me understand my DH better.


I originally joined because I was thinking about reverting back to the church. I’ve decided not to do that. I think I keep logging on to the board because its as close as I can get to adult conversation as a stay at home mom with three kids.:slight_smile:


I hear you!:thumbsup: Adult conversation can be very underrated by those who experience it regularly!


I answered “Other”

(1) Arguing Christianity over the internet is one of my vices. It is probably less harmful than some of my other vices, therefore I haven’t dealt with it much (except over Lent).

(2) If I am going to argue Christianity over the internet, I would rather do it on a forum that is “not mine”. I have found the hot air of some posters on forums that are “mine” just too much to bear. I can tolerate hot air from Christians that are “like you” instead of “like me” much better (maybe because I can go…God thank you for not making me like that…:slight_smile: ).


Sorry to be so long and drawn out…

I was baptised Catholic. My parents raised me in a Methodist church. And later on I went to a Baptist church. The Baptist Church taught about all the wrongs of the Catholic Church:

Worshipping idols
Worshipping the Virgin Mary
Worshipping alters

Since then I was corrected in the right teachings. Catholics today know (or should know) how to dispute the above.

Many of the Catholics I knew weren’t very trust worthy. You didn’t want to leave you wallet where they could take it. Also, I went to the Catholic Church and nobody ever asked me to join RCIA.

When my son became of age to understand about religion I wanted to be more informed about the Catholics. I attended RCIA with the intention of not becoming Catholic and just to see what would come of it.

I joined the church and was confirmed in 1995. I am here at this site to learn more, and I continue to learn.

Thanks be to God:)


I picked the 1st choice - Catholic & want to chat w/ other Catholics but actually that’s only partly true - I actually like chatting with everyone - Catholic or not.

I think the forums wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if everyone were Catholic. I enjoy the discussions about different faiths.


I’m looking for answers.:rolleyes:


I came here to chat with nice gals like Carol Marie. :thumbsup:

I joined recently to see what other Catholics were talkin’ 'bout! And maybe to learn a few things new. :thumbsup:


I came over here a couple years ago to get a “Catholic Answer”, & I have met so many great people, that I now consider this to be my home on the 'Net.

Boy, is that the truth!! I never fail to be amazed at how many people neglect to consider this very important point!!
:)Glad to have you with us, Publisher.


Awww! Aren’t you so sweet?!!! :yup:


I agree.:wink: (so does my appreciative family)
I’m so sweet!!!:smiley:

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