Why are you not orthodox

what are your objections to the eastern orthodox faith

bonus question: what are your arguments for the Roman Catholic church


I am not Eastern Orthodox because the Roman Catholic Church is the One, True Church.

My thread will tell you why the Catholic Church is the One, True Church :slight_smile:

is that all?

I have no objections to our Orthodox brothers and sisters. We share all of the sacraments and most of the teachings. We were all one Church until the Orthodox left (or we left them, depending on which side of the fence you are on). :wink:

For me, all discussions start and end with the Holy Father. The successor of Peter and Christ’s vicar ensure there is one Church, one consensus, one authority. Theoretically, could not the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church teach something at odds doctrinally with what the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church teaches? In that case, who is right? Whom do you go to for authentic teaching? Who is your authority?

Christ pryaed that we all may be one. I see the Orthodox as holy, as apostolic, as catholic (universal) but not as one. I see the Catholic Church under the Pope as one, holy, catholic and apostolic.

Sorry if my answer is too simple, but for me there is not much else to discuss.

no, that was a good answer
i appreiciate it

My answer is similar to ‘The Doctors’ in that this question is answered in the role of the Pope.

My understanding is that the Orthodox can’t have a binding Council, which makes it difficult to grow and deepen teachings over time.

Plus I’ve never heard an Orthodox argument against Papal authority that was very convincing to me.


i don’t want to derail the thread, but would it be too much to summarize, quickly, the arguments you’ve heard against papal authority from orthodox.

Have you read my thread?

ya, i’m asking if there is anything you can add to it.

I like :popcorn: too. Care to share? :wink:

To summarize, I’ve heard EO individuals try to say that the Pope is the first among equals and/or ‘supreme’ in honor, but not authority (I think that is how it was put, but I could be wrong there). I don’t see either of those two positions in either the Bible (with St. Peter) or the early church fathers.

ok. thank you

Christ built his Church on the rock of Peter and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. The Pope inherits the Chair of Peter and that is the rock that is the foundation of the Church created by Christ.

like for example, i’ve heard many catholics use their miracles as a sign that theirs is the true chuch…u could have added that to your list

It’s a bit boring of me, but I’ve never honestly thought about becoming Orthodox… I have nothing against it whatsoever, and I might consider looking into it a bit more. I really don’t know enough about it to be able to make an educated decision either way.

And I will raise you :popcorn:.

I’m not Orthodox becuse I am Catholic, It is simple as that.:):gopray:

As a Catholic you are called to submit to Teachings of our Church.We are not free to ‘shop around’ to decide which faith we think is ‘best for us’.

:confused: That is like asking, “Why are you not Chinese?” The answer is simply because I am not.

Oh, I understand that. But in my studies right now, I have been learning a great deal about other religious traditions and it’s something that interests me, that’s all. :wink:

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